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Optimize for power distribution

In power systems, implement safe and economic operation of the system is of great significance to the development of the national economy, so that starting from the 30 's, for economic load dispatch of power plants all over the world, system security economic dispatch, optimal power flow, and makes...

Two plane-wave expansion program

Two plane-wave expansion program, a two-dimensional structure. The two plane wave expansion program, the calculation of two-dimensional structure.Description: two plane-wave expansion program. Program to run about 5 minutes...

Two generation ID card recognition system

Application backgroundWith the increasing popularity of road, China road transportation development rapidly, so artificial management way has not full the actual need, application of microelectronics, communications and computer technology in the field of traffic greatly improves the efficiency of t...

Spectral analysis MATLAB experiment

Application background    signal is infinitely long, and in the process of signal processing can only use a limited long signal, so the signal is needed to "cut off". In signal processing, the "cut off" is viewed as a signal of a finite length, or from the point of view of the analysis is...

Photovoltaic cell model Simulink approach

Application backgroundThe simulation model of Matlab/Simulink is established to analyze the local of photovoltaic cells under the shadow.The distribution of the maximum power point is established according to the equivalent mathematical model of the photovoltaic cell.Simulation model. The hot spot e...

Feature selection by principal component analysis

Application backgroundData were extracted from the feature extraction of strip surface defects, and the data were extracted by principal component analysis....

Image rectangle box overlap area

Application backgroundFor the image, the first simple image preprocessing, and then get the position information of the rectangular box, [1234], respectively, the upper left corner coordinates of the vertical coordinates, the horizontal coordinates, the width of the rectangular box, and then seek to...

Iterative Decoding of Concatenated Convolutional Codes

Iterative Decoding of Concatenated Convolutional Codes...

particle swam optimization

 Special Particle Swarm Optimiser for binary problems.   Actually, this program contains several algorithms (see the "method" parameter)   founded on the PSO canonical model.   The purpose of this program is indeed to show how easy it is to derive some good   algorit...

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