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The code is based on bare metal mini2440 development code, the language version of C, this code for you to send text messages in ARM9 architecture provides reference, instruction for AT,...

STC broadcasting induction counters

Complete count by the intensity of illumination change task can be used in place of libraries, laboratories, people count. Light count is controlled by changes in light intensity data and then displayed on LED digital tube, including the use of AD acquisition photosensitive resistance value. Photose...

Low-power Pulse Oximeter and EKG reference designs

This reference design describes in detail using  MSP430FG437  microcontroller (MCU) non-invasive optical plethysmography method-Pulse Oximeter. Pulse Oximeter probe by peripherals, as well as for oxygen saturation and pulse rate are displayed on the LCD screen of the MCU components. In thi...

Master-slave multiprocessor communication: 8 way power acquisition source

Use DC power STC12C5A60S2,RS485.8 road of recovery, serial +RS485 communication. Stand-alone 1602 shows. Through RM04 Wireless WiFi data transfer....

STM32 USB video card

The STM32 USB video experiments, very easy to use, I Kiss test, just change some of the data we want to accomplish any task can be completed. You come to download it, do not have any hesitation.  ...

Ultrasonic range finder

STC89C52 single-chip micro-computer control chip, produces the ultrasonic signal and receives the return signal, completed the distance measurement and by 1602 shows distance, distance using broadcast voice module....

Z-stack based curtain control code

Application backgroundThis code is part of the smart home, to achieve the control of the curtains, this code for beginners Z-stack students. Want to learn from the beginners can see the source of the source, at the same time to learn ZigBee protocol or Z-stack protocol stack development of the stude...

Graphics display

Application backgroundThe software code is an image display with STM32F4+RA8875 hardware platform to display a code for STM32F4 beginners to provide an entry-level code.Key TechnologyImage display system, RA8875, first STM32F4xx processor, 7-inch TFT LCD screen display principle learning....

Touch tone

Application backgroundResistance to the capacitor charging, when hand touches the metal films connected with the capacitor, the capacitance change, to change the capacitance charging time. Continuous detection of the use of single chip capacitor charging and discharging time can be detected with no...

LPC2103 based on the calendar

Application backgroundLPC2103 based on the calendar, including proteus simulation file, and the MDK C language program....

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