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College Management Information System

It is database project, which contains all the information related to the students. So, it help to make the students database in various category. It remove the paper work or save the data instead of file creation....

Mobile Company

This project is developed in c language. Whoch recorded all customers data with there details for distinguished purpose . Mostly all payment is done mobile which Handy device....

External merge sort memory allocation

Application backgroundExternal sorting is a term for a class of sorting algorithms that can handle massive amounts of data. External sorting is required when the data being sorted do not fit into the main memory of a computing device (usually RAM) and instead they must reside in the slower external...

Scientific calculator program

Application backgroundthis is a project of scientific calculator in c..this can works accurately by using string and other methods etc..Key Technologyits a new technology...its works very good.i work very hard on it...

Database student card management

Application backgroundRealize student card management system, with add, delete, modify, statistics and other functions, this for beginners will have a lot of help, the code inside is common type.Key TechnologyBuild the database, and then build the corresponding table, there are indexes, view, storag...

3.0.1 CrayzWWWBoard

Application backgroundSoftware name: 3.0.1 CrayzWWWBoard Software type: C source code software evaluation assumes:     Software size: 305K related links: local     Upload time: 2000-9-4 download number: 224           Software prof...

Supermarket management system

Application backgroundManagement system -Supermarket, management items warehouse, billing and other, automated functions...


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