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Transpose matrix based on rectangular partitioning

A matrix transpose based on rectangular partitioning using pthread source code contains function source code, test shell script,Readme...

High speed network transceiver

Application background20Gbps high speed transceiver network data and storageRequirement HardwareRaid RR2720 HighpointX SSD 8 (Intel 510 120MB is seriesRecommended) Requirement MDEMDE beta2 or 138157 later Tilera BuildDoesn't provide console Tile-monitorWith libreadline socket, based remote...

4 rotor aircraft flight control source

Application backgroundA four axis aircraft source code, are debugging, due to technical limitations, can not get, but there are a lot of things Application module...

Use the LAPACK library solving linear equations

Using mantlab and c program calling LAPACK library for solving linear equations arithmetic, can be extended to the inverse of the matrix, and characteristic values, such as an operation....

Simple thread pool usage

Sometimes we need a lot of threads to handle the task, in order to reduce the frequent application brought  by a thread overhead, we can use pre-created thread pool threads provided we use, here is a simple thread  pool implementation is quite good for beginners guide....


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