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Simple socket-based multiplayer chat

threaded entryEstablishing a thread for each connected client...

The guardian process, with shared memory to save the multi process ID

The guardian process, using shared memory to save the multi process 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111., ID...

Use the LAPACK library solving linear equations

Using mantlab and c program calling LAPACK library for solving linear equations arithmetic, can be extended to the inverse of the matrix, and characteristic values, such as an operation....

Socket-based multi-threaded chat room

top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;">  建立C/S 架构思想,确立如何实现客户端服务器。   服务器端通过socket绑定主机IP,等待客户端的连接。   服务器为每个连接上来的客户开辟一个线程。   通知现在聊天室...

I2C,F020 Development Board using the program

This routine is F020 microcontroller development board designed a test software, application I2C interface. Can simply be applied to all aspects. Pin modification is simple, clear notes to facilitate everyone to use....

(C language) process management simulation system

space:nowrap;">本程序主要是模拟进程管理的实现,其中主要包括以下五个方面:(1)创建新的进程; (2)查看运行进程; (3)查看就绪进程;(4)查看阻塞进程; (5)进程调度;(6)退出程序运行此程序后进入初始界面,从...

Simple thread pool usage

size:14px;">Sometimes we need a lot of threads to handle the task, in order to reduce the frequent application brought  by a thread overhead, we can use pre-created thread pool threads provided we use, here is a simple thread  pool implementation is quite good for beginners gui...


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