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Algorithm based on CCS code (c language)

Under CCS, DSP algorithms some common procedures, including FIR, IIR, FFT algorithms and implementation procedures and applications in engineering....

Jpg and BMP format conversion between

C language where programs can interact with bmp format jpg format conversion, this program from a module, do not need to change, can be run as a separate process, or address was not adjusted, embedded in the program as a module, through the simple and effective!...

V4L2-based image acquisition, format and save it as jpg,bmp,YUV

size:16px;">本程序是基于v4l2的视频采集,采集jpg格式图片的时候必须先添加,jpeg第三方库才能够得到,本程序适应于任何usb摄像头。下载的源码里面有 三方库的安装方法以及三方库的源码包,直接打开可用。编译程序运行前,请...

Huffman Encoder and Decoder for Image Compression

This is a sample Huffman CODEC implemented for image compression. You can run this code for compressing image using Huffman algorithm. For sure, there are better algorithms and standards for image compression (like JPEG, JPEG-2000) who use Huffman Algorithm inherently. So, using this project yo...

h.264 in CUDA

family:Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:normal;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">这个项目旨在实施H.264(标准 x 264 基于) 上运行CUDA.具体来说,我们尝试写入在 CUDA 的运动估计模块. 运动估计是目前 H.264 编码过程的最计...

LBP algorithm for face recognition

Local binary pattern LBP (Local Binary Patterns) is an algorithm derived from the local texture definition, so-called textures are commonly used for image analysis characteristics, which contained information to characterize surface changes. Since 1996, Ojala of which the LBP operator has been class...

Jpeglib2 VC

space:normal;">这个是JPEGLIB2 的源码,可以运行,VC6.0++。欢迎大家下载、试用。谢谢大家的支持!...

Interlacing MELA algorithm c language

Of image interlacing using c language program that can handle video, enter as a RAW file. Multiple implementations, to good effect, watch out. MELA algorithms used, that is, a linear interpolation method in the field, based on six neighborhood. MELA algorithm is the algorithm of ELA to improve resul...

Image Processing using Median Filter

family:sans-serif;font-size:13px;line-height:19.1875px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">中值滤波是非线性的数字滤波技术,通常用于删除噪音.这种噪音减少是一个典型的前处理步骤改善以后处理的结果 (例如, 边缘检测在图像上)。...

Calibration of OpenCV cameras based on source program

space:nowrap;">基于opencv的摄像机标定的源程序 能够实现摄像机的标定...

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