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OpenCV plane calibration method

Zhengyou Zhang programs through research plane calibration, using OpenCV programming, realization of stereo camera calibration, by comparison with MATLAB calibration experiments almost uniformly. Plane template users to only photographed from different angles to get enough pictures, replace the pict...

Algorithm based on CCS code (c language)

Under CCS, DSP algorithms some common procedures, including FIR, IIR, FFT algorithms and implementation procedures and applications in engineering....

Jpg and BMP format conversion between

C language where programs can interact with bmp format jpg format conversion, this program from a module, do not need to change, can be run as a separate process, or address was not adjusted, embedded in the program as a module, through the simple and effective!...

Opencv and MFC image processing

A variety of image processing including preprocessing and segmentation using OpenCV and the VC environment, the preparation of a MFC application framework...

Front end programs of DVS in video surveillance, supporting protocols such as SIP/RTP.

Front end programs of DVS in video surveillance, supporting protocols such as SIP/RTP. Video codec is H.264, audio codec to G.711, supports multiple concurrent transfer support 264 streams package for RTP packets....

V4L2-based image acquisition, format and save it as jpg,bmp,YUV

This program is based on V4L2 video capturing, collecting pictures in JPG format you must first add, JPEG third-party libraries in order to get this procedure applies to any USB webcam. Download source code there are third party library installation methods as well as third-party libraries for sourc...

C implementation of connected region labeling

Application backgroundUsing the C code to achieve the Unicom regional markers, the input is 1 and two of the 0 value image, and then use the stack method to mark the number of connected regions, each bright point is marked out of the region of China Unicom area, can be used for statistical area and...

Huffman Encoder and Decoder for Image Compression

This is a sample Huffman CODEC implemented for image compression. You can run this code for compressing image using Huffman algorithm. For sure, there are better algorithms and standards for image compression (like JPEG, JPEG-2000) who use Huffman Algorithm inherently. So, using this project yo...

h.264 in CUDA

This project seeks to implement H.264 (the standard x264 is based on) to run on CUDA. Specifically we attempt to write the motion estimation module in CUDA. Motion estimation is currently the most computationally intensive portion of the H.264 encoding process.  Previous...

Deep learning, DBN network training

Application backgroundUndergraduate graduation design, entitled "based on deep learning's vehicle identification system". This code for the image of the batch processing, the picture is converted into text data using OpenCV format.Key TechnologyTo convert the picture, because deep learning mode is t...

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