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indent:-21pt;margin-left:42pt;"> Ÿ   Windows 7 64位旗舰版 Ÿ   OpenCV SVN (v2.4.9) Ÿ   x64 应用...

Gesture recognition code

This is a more complete gesture recognition program, the division include hand gesture modeling, gesture recognition. High accuracy rate, which matches the stage, using a neural network training data set to identify...

Contour matching

This is a sorting system for industrial use, the workpiece matching procedures, written on opencv2.0, according to the shape of the workpiece texture is not particularly complex, also is not particularly well, for the basis of learners...

Sift source code

SIFT algorithm code, accompanied by detailed annotations. Image feature points matching can be achieved. Using the c programming language, and can be used as a test. Compressed package source code will be provided to test the picture and other relevant documents....

Random forest

Random forest algorithm through the Windows pre-compiled version of MATLAB Toolbox, you can implement applications of machine learning, great value!...

JPEG image codec design

This file provides an overview of the architecture of the IJG JPEG software;that is, the functions of the various modules in the system and the interfacesbetween modules.  For more precise details about any data structure or callingconvention, see the include files and comments in the source co...

Evalvid video quality evaluation tool set

4和H.263支持。AAC的支持也包括在内,虽然感知质量评价必须由外部工具实施专用类似的PESQ或PEAQ做。通过Evalvid jirka klaue写。...

Freescale program

Freescale program code competition, the national college students' smart car competition is a smart car as the research object of creative science and technology competition, is geared to the needs of the national college students a explorative engineering practice, is one of the ministry of educati...

Source code for ES stream to PS stream

space:nowrap;">ES流转PS流代码.主要的函数 Mux(). 当至少有一个码流有数据时,调用 MUX。  ...

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