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能够打开双相机进行三维重建,重建速度不错,  Ÿ   Windows 7 64位旗舰版 Ÿ   OpenCV SVN (v2.4.9) Ÿ   x64 应用...

Graduate technical report-based on color histogram image retrieval system

Content-based image retrieval technology is an important part of image processing. Image retrieval method based on color histogram is a relatively simple method of content-based image retrieval. Is introduced in this paper based on the color histogram, cumulative histogram and accumulated normalized...

Gesture recognition code

This is a more complete gesture recognition program, the division include hand gesture modeling, gesture recognition. High accuracy rate, which matches the stage, using a neural network training data set to identify...

Double target set program code

Application backgroundThis procedure can be used to carry out the position of the target location, through the calibration of two cameras, can determine the precise position of a target in the air. Is the subject of graduation design.Key TechnologyThis program uses a better algorithm, can quickly ca...

Contour matching

This is a sorting system for industrial use, the workpiece matching procedures, written on opencv2.0, according to the shape of the workpiece texture is not particularly complex, also is not particularly well, for the basis of learners...

Sift source code

SIFT algorithm code, accompanied by detailed annotations. Image feature points matching can be achieved. Using the c programming language, and can be used as a test. Compressed package source code will be provided to test the picture and other relevant documents....

Random forest

Random forest algorithm through the Windows pre-compiled version of MATLAB Toolbox, you can implement applications of machine learning, great value!...

Haralick facet model

For each image Pixels, you can find an approximation of the pixel and its adjacent area Function of the pixel gray value, this approximation is called the facet model. True Haralick facet model, to achieve the image edge extraction,...

OpenCV image subtraction

By opening the image processing in the camera or video. Mainly through pictures subtracted, to implement tracking of moving objects. Specific methods are as follows: read frame-by-frame video (from camera or capture file and returns a frame), created the first address and allocated storage space, cr...

Pfga based image acquisition

Image capture and processing technologies in fields such as machine vision and image analysis are widely used, in most cases, capture cards simply front camera image information correctly back to the computer, in demanding applications where you need capture card that can control an external light s...

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