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Gaussian background modeling

Using OpenCV library function to establish the background Gaussian model, using on-line EM algorithm update background. Then use background and foreground match moving prospects through certain algorithms, you can eliminate shadows, but the effect is not very good....

Draw various types

On the images, draw various shapes, square, line, used for 2D vector images for use at design time. Draw square is given, and the straight line method. It manages simple graphic objects like rectangles, lines and ellipses, other than images and RTF text. It shows most of the capabilities of GDI+, su...

Three dimensional billiards games

Now the teacher shared three-dimensional billiard game design to share with you, can not play the game, but did smooth scene change, which involves a lot of knowledge of image processing, we want to want to learn c aspiring professionals or non-professionals to learn from. If possible improvements c...



Face recognition program

family:'Microsoft YaHei';line-height:26px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">haar特征adaboost算法进行人脸检测。 OpenCV 的人脸检测主要是调用训练好的 cascade ( Haar 分类器)来进行模式匹配。 OpenCV 的人脸...

OpenCV image processing

threshold processing, this is just simple handling, the path I was on e, mainly using the OpenCV library functions, is an entry code, the second code is the gesture recognition code, that can be processed simultaneously 10 pictures...

Achieve DFT and FFT and inverse transform

C language implementation, fast Fourier transform for non lacking standard image processing, best for fast Fourier transform of the input image size, otherwise the image appears fuzzy after inverse transform, the source containing basic DFT transforms slowly, but any will do....

Ray renderer, Cuda parallel under realization

CUDA c realization light rendering script, parallel computation on the GPU by using c language, showing camera space group of the sphere. Backward ray tracing, in-camera picture showing a picture full of icing on the plane....

Uco DM642 code to invert the colors of an image


Uco DM642 image grayscale display code



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