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Sift OpenCV RobHess code

Application backgroundResource descriptionThe code is by RobHess using OpenCV development of sift code and file including siftFeat, match and dspFeat file, siftFeat is doing SiTF feature extraction, usually only used in this case, the match is using sift image matching, desFeat not used not to say....

GTK image applet

Application backgroundVS2010 based development platform, to build a GTK+ development environment, the development of a small image processing procedures, the application of the message callback mechanism to carry out the program signal response, to achieve the basic functions of image processing &nb...

Sift RobHess algorithm to extract the image feature points, indicate the direction and size (2.4.9+C openCV)

Application backgroundUsing 2.4.9 opencv and C to realize the extraction of image feature points in RobHess database. Changed code after testing, available. The feature points of the image are extracted, and the size and direction of the image feature points are indicated....

Gaussian background modeling

Using OpenCV library function to establish the background Gaussian model, using on-line EM algorithm update background. Then use background and foreground match moving prospects through certain algorithms, you can eliminate shadows, but the effect is not very good....

Draw various types

On the images, draw various shapes, square, line, used for 2D vector images for use at design time. Draw square is given, and the straight line method. It manages simple graphic objects like rectangles, lines and ellipses, other than images and RTF text. It shows most of the capabilities of GDI+, su...

Three dimensional billiards games

Now the teacher shared three-dimensional billiard game design to share with you, can not play the game, but did smooth scene change, which involves a lot of knowledge of image processing, we want to want to learn c aspiring professionals or non-professionals to learn from. If possible improvements c...

LED display technology development

LED display technology development, which is described in more detail the principle of LED display development, based on 51 single chip as a development platform, and describes the literal translation, winding LED data LED organizationSituation. You can quickly understand the principle of LED displa...

Digital image inversion

The image pixels by a bitwise negation, similar photographic effects....

Experiment in electronic album-SD card image displayed

Project name: Ex4 SD_PIC_SHOWFunction description: touch control SD card display multiple picturesHardware connections: view and modify the interface is defined in the NBCTFT.C and SD.C, please carefully check your interface connection....

opencv facedetect

Based on OpenCV for image processing, This program demonstrates the cascade recognizer. This classifier can recognize many kinds of rigid objects, once the appropriate classifier is trained...


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