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Kalman+camshift Tracking program

Using camshaft can lose tracking target sometimes. A kalman filter can be added to predict the next possible position of the target to reduce the chance of target loss. Camshift algorithm is based on mean-shift algorithm, which is a procedure for locating the maxima of a density function given discr...

Hand gesture recognition based on HMM

Opencv with c and achieve dynamic gesture recognition using hmm algorithm, which has the full implementation of HMM, and to achieve recognition and down about five circle gesture. Hmm learning a great help...


Daniel shares out of Instagram-Filters in foreign countries to achieve a complete, copyrighted, do refer to the study with very helpful...

ITK, VTK, Qt mixed programming, read the two-dimensional images and mouse movement on the display qvtkwidget and qvtkwidget get coordinates

Based on the Qt interface, using ITK to read two-dimensional images, displayed on qvtkwidget with VTK, ITK is read ImageFileReader, ImageToVTKImageFilter treats ITK into VTK data, and then use vtkImageviewer to display images; Dynamic method to get the mouse using a vtkEventQtSlotConnect class that...

Autofocus algorithm

AF algorithm implementation on the DM6437, including image sharpness evaluation function gradient squared algorithm, improved climbing search algorithm so that the focus can be faster, DM6437 timer initialization, DM6437 startup programs, this program can be in Da Sheng EL- run directly on the 6437...

The implementation of vibe background modeling algorithm

Uses the c language to implement a method for background modeling, Vibe algorithm, the algorithm has good performance and fast speed, based on the paper Vibe: a universal background subtraction algorithm for video sequences to achieve, it has high practical value....

OpenCV plane calibration method

Zhengyou Zhang programs through research plane calibration, using OpenCV programming, realization of stereo camera calibration, by comparison with MATLAB calibration experiments almost uniformly. Plane template users to only photographed from different angles to get enough pictures, replace the pict...

Algorithm based on CCS code (c language)

Under CCS, DSP algorithms some common procedures, including FIR, IIR, FFT algorithms and implementation procedures and applications in engineering....

Jpg and BMP format conversion between

C language where programs can interact with bmp format jpg format conversion, this program from a module, do not need to change, can be run as a separate process, or address was not adjusted, embedded in the program as a module, through the simple and effective!...

WS2811 RGB LED control codes

C51 compilation WS2811 RGB Chip control, using Winbond W79E825 microcontroller, achieve breathing light, flashing function. other controlled RGB LED chip can also be used as a reference code, such as WS2812,WS2812B and so on....

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