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inventory managemebt

this code uses basic c files to store customer purchase details and transaction details .it uses two classes for time ,date and calculating vat....

LCD stimulate

basic LCD stimulate C programming, a structure demo shows how to design a LCD sample....

4 digit LCD interface to PIC

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////*Project 016 - interface for 4 digit LCD moduleCCS compiler by Michel Bavin (c) September , 2004. --- --- ---  ... enjoy...

SE_ST7920 LCD Atmega8 Code

Sample for a LCD with ST7920 with a Atmega8. With Font Header File . Work fine. Please test with 5Volt only....

1808root settings

AM1808 based file systems, modifications to the file system to automatically log on....

Binary search C source code

It is a clean and tested code for Binary search program using c programming language. Used functions for better understanding and for usability....

Infix Calculator

This is an infix calculator. It calculates the value of an infix expression directly, without converting it from postfix of prefix to infix....


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