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inventory managemebt

this code uses basic c files to store customer purchase details and transaction details .it uses two classes for time ,date and calculating vat....

LCD stimulate

space:nowrap;">basic LCD stimulate C programming, a structure demo shows how to design a LCD sample....

4 digit LCD interface to PIC

size:16px;">/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////*项目 016-4 位数液晶模块的接口CCS 编译器由 Michel 柴 (c) 2004 年 9 月。享受 !...

1808root settings


Binary search C source code

It is a clean and tested code for Binary search program using c programming language. Used functions for better understanding and for usability....

Infix Calculator


SE_ST7920 LCD Atmega8 Code

size:16px;">应用于与 Atmega8 ST7920 液晶显示器样品。与字体的头文件。做工精细。请用 5 伏进行测试。...


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