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Dynamic grid programming

Simulation using fluent6.3, you can refer to this tutorial, learn the model special sets of methods, thus smooth model of themselves....

Fun Control code

size:14px;">This is the most useful  fan speed control with Lcd panel. We finished this project when we study electric and electrical engineering in third class. This project given us for homework and we finished very well....

File operation code sample

Application background Program to write even and odd integers into different files Key Technology File Encryption Program in C.  Menu Driven File Attribute Changing Utility...

Program tells us

Application backgroundthis program tells about removing the duplicates of array of doubles using only c program this works on terminal using gcc compiler which is the best one .Key Technologythis code is useful for removing the duplicates from an array...

List header file registration system

Application backgroundHeader file I used for a project at university. Pretty simple, it only uses structures and pointers. Key TechnologyIn C, it only needs the header file. I'll update it later tho. It's in spanish, but I don't think that's a trouble...


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