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high intelligent cut for packet classification

it's a high intelligent cuts for packet classificationand, it is a decision tree based algorithmthis scheme will divide the rule set into many group to improve performance of search time...

Libevent and webserver tool

Used to build lightweight HTTP services, based on libevent, is libevent and webserver tool. mainly view http.c and Serlet.c, practical and simple...

SERVER WEB applied to the Internet of things

Application backgroundThe Internet of things and smart home, the need for their own platform and even cloud platform, this reference code can easily develop WEB server, is completely independent of the program, but also can be changed to their own LOGO web design.Key TechnologyWeb page only support...

Calculate time accurately

class date { public: date(){} void set(int p1,int p2,int p3) { year=p1;month=p2;day=p3; } int year,month,day; }; int a[]={31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31},*p1,*p2,*p3,i=1,k=0; int main() { int days(date k); date m,n; int p1,p2,p3; Cout<< "Please enter years · month...

Pet stores 4.0 version, and a detailed analysis and organize content

Pet stores 4.0 version, and a detailed analysis and organize content...

A simple way to easysandbox sandbox

Application background# EasySandbox An easy way to sandbox untrusted C and C++ programs on Linux. Allows them only to allocate memory (up to a fixed amount), read and write via stdin, stdout, and stderr, and exit.  Sandboxing is done using [SECCOMP](

FTP tool C source code

Application backgroundIs a file transfer protocol client AC_FTPThat; uses asynchronous socket operation mode and utilizes many  Programming; techniques described in detail throughout the book.  It; connects to an FTP server sends, commands and receives replies    to rfc959.txt to "&...

Gate Database

Application backgroundGate Database allows you to connect directly to the ODBC database, using the SQL command to operate the database to help edit or verify the SQL statement.  ...

DDB2000 finished

Application backgroundVery hot and cool a forum program, which has been a commercial process, and later was found to be free of charge, and provides source program.  ...


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