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X265 source code

Application backgroundX265 official website address need tools to downloadTortoiseHgEnter the command lineClone Hg  Key TechnologyX265 is an open source project, the deve...

Is arm-based video capture and transmission

First, this version implements video collection, the basic realization of video compression, real-time video transmission (wired + wireless network) (limited testing with 2-3 seconds delay).Running:1.make clean2.make all (make)Compilation environment change, recompile the documentation related to th...

DM643 UDP network video transmission

The code DM643 collected video transmission via UDP protocol, can be on the same computer within the network, open a browser and enter the IP address of the development board dm643, you can see the captured video images...

MJPG 5350 transplant

Information on porting mjpg_streamer to Ralink5350 Development Board, reference can also be ported to other platforms....

Auto-tracking the moving object

This code uses the blob tracking algorithm to  track the moving target. Automatic tracking is enabled from the first time the target appears in the video until it disappear from the video The  coordinates are recorded.It is a simple code , easy to use...

Ffmpeg source code

Application backgroundA multicast address to the client to join, "multicasting" can also be called "multicast" in the application of network technology is not a lot of, online video conference, online video on demand is especially suitable for the multicast. Because if the unicast way, one by one no...

Video codec

Application backgroundIs the second public release of our MPEG-2 ThisIt converts an encoder.Ordered; set of uncompressed input  Into a compressed bitstream picturesCompliant; with ISO/IEC 13818-2 DIS [1]  (MPEG-2).This; program will evolve to become:  13818-5 Software Simulation ISO/IECO...

Capture video C920

Capture video from webcam C920. Use linux kernel 2.3.0 up to. With linux kernel 2.3.0 up down, you must patch kernel as patch file attached....

Analysis of Pat and PMT tables from the TS stream output in XML format

Obtained from the TS file to Pat and PMT tables, and XML documentation format:...


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