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Is arm-based video capture and transmission

3秒延迟)。运行:1.make clean 2.make all (make)编译环境改变时,请重新编译X264的相关文件,x264原工程代码已提供,即x264-snapshot-20120825-2245文件夹,替换x264.h,x264_config.h,libx264.a,还需make clean 相关文件。二、播放软件使用开源软...

DM643 UDP network video transmission

The code DM643 collected video transmission via UDP protocol, can be on the same computer within the network, open a browser and enter the IP address of the development board dm643, you can see the captured video images...

Capture video C920

Capture video from webcam C920. Use linux kernel 2.3.0 up to. With linux kernel 2.3.0 up down, you must patch kernel as patch file attached....

Analysis of Pat and PMT tables from the TS stream output in XML format

Obtained from the TS file to Pat and PMT tables, and XML documentation format:...


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