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X264 VS2013 and 20150427

This is source code of  X264 under the latest version of VS2013. The sLn file is under the SMP file folder dated on 2015.04.27.  Download address is included for your continuous downloading...

MP4 file parsing

Application backgroundAAC and H264 from the MP4 file, for RTMP push...

Simple FFMPEG Player source code

The program video decode and display (supports HEVC,H.264,MPEG2 and so on). Is the easiest tutorials on FFmpeg video decoder. By studying the examples, we can understand the FFmpeg decoding process. Project consists of two projects: simplest_ffmpeg_player: Standard Edition, FFmpeg learning begins. S...

2013 HEVC video coding standard source code

HEVC is considered not only improving image quality, also reached H.264/MPEG-4 AVC twice times Compression rate (Same as under the same picture quality Bit rate Reduced 50%) to support 4 k resolution Even to Ultra high definition TV ,最高 Resolution Up to 8192x4320 (8K resolution). HEVC/H.265 vi...

V4L2 camera jpg format

V4L2 cameras collecting image data save pictures in JPB format images, and saving video data format of yuv420, yuv444, V4L2 on learning programming is helpful....

Moving target detection based on hybrid Gauss background modeling

Application backgroundTheir own written based on hybrid Gauss's moving target detection source code. This method is mainly used in video surveillance system. Can be used for detection based pedestrian, vehicle motion region detection and extraction step. Can also be used to deepen the understanding...

Gray scale electronic image stabilization using OpenCV

Application backgroundThe electronic image stabilization based on gray scale is derived from the network itself.Can be achieved for a number of resolutions but can only deal with the stability of the left and right side of the movement caused by the jitterUsed to study very well.Key TechnologyUse op...

X265 source code

Application backgroundX265 official website address need tools to downloadTortoiseHgEnter the command lineClone Hg  Key TechnologyX265 is an open source project, the deve...

YUV422 YUV420 and RGB YUV420 source

Simple YUV422 format for camera capture data into YUV420 format data in program source code. And the camera RGB data collected data in the YUV420 transformation format program source code, easy to use....

Is arm-based video capture and transmission

First, this version implements video collection, the basic realization of video compression, real-time video transmission (wired + wireless network) (limited testing with 2-3 seconds delay).Running:1.make clean2.make all (make)Compilation environment change, recompile the documentation related to th...


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