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Speech signals pitch detection

For pitch detection of speech for Chinese speech, from a transcript from a male and a female, are "everyone is speaking Mandarin." Analog voice with 100~3400 band pass filter to 8kHz digital sampling rate. Take the frame length of 20ms, namely, frames up to 160 samples, fundamental frequen...

Automatic detection of audio quality

Application backgroundWAV file can be automatically read, by testing the quality of the quality and the quality of the standard match, given scoring. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Key Technology"" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""...


_WDWORD(0x4008609C, 0x000000F3); /* P1_7: D0 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860A0, 0x000000F3); /* P1_8: D1 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860A4, 0x000000F3); /* P1_9: D2 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860A8, 0x000000F3); /* P1_10: D3 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860AC, 0x000000F3);...

Speech recognition is a c program (based on the Microsoft Speech SDK)

语音识别C程序(基于微软Speech SDK)可以识别“我是学霸”,“你好你好”,“中国制造”,“欢欢喜喜”四条语句。笔者亲写程序,在VS2010编译运行通过,要求系统为windows及以上,并且系统语言为中文。...

PESQ algorithm c language

The user may: 1. Use the PESQ Software to: i) understand the PESQ Algorithm; or ii) evaluate the ability of the PESQ Algorithm to perform its intended function of predicting the speech quality of a system; or iii) evaluate the computational complexity of the PESQ Algorithm, with the limitat...

PSEQ Speech quality measurement

This Code  will  measure  speech quality between original  sound and synthesized sound. This need is based on developers of sound processing and speech coding and compressing engineers. In the  file  that  has been send,  there  is two...

G726 audio codec

Provides a case G726 audio codec algorithm including G726 40K,32k,24k,16k encoding, transmission, source code, test passed....

G.723.1 Optimization

G.723.1 optimized code pure c code optimization, performance is good, encoding and decoding algorithms are included; for TI platform and Windows project and test case...

G.7221 speech coding algorithm

Contains the G.7221 speech codec algorithm, a fixed point and floating point versions are VC tool engineering and testing code, partial there are lossless optimization...

AMR codec, very easy to use

Application backgroundEncoder/decoder amr. AMR codec code. Can be very convenient to transplant into their own projects. AMR is a more efficient voice encoding algorithm. Wide application. Hope to bring help to everyone. Thank you...


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