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_WDWORD(0x4008609C, 0x000000F3); /* P1_7: D0 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860A0, 0x000000F3); /* P1_8: D1 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860A4, 0x000000F3); /* P1_9: D2 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860A8, 0x000000F3); /* P1_10: D3 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860AC, 0x000000F3);...

PSEQ Speech quality measurement

bidi:embed;"> This Code  will  measure  speech quality between original  sound and synthesized sound. This need is based on developers of sound processing and speech coding and compressing engineers. In the  file  that  has been send,  the...

mdct, 3 method to choose, including fix point

mdct implement, easy to use, including fix point code. I also give an example to show you how to use this code wav developed in Linux OS, but it also can be planted on Window (no need change code, just create an dsp in VC)...

MPEG MP3 LAYER3 decoding procedures

MP3 LAYER3 decoding source code, the source contains the decoded code, and sample code, sample code for a console program, running on to enter a program name, space, MP3 file name, a space, the output file name, enter....

audio analysis and perfect synthesis model

this code is teaching you how to analysis and synthesis the audio digital signal I use 2 method to implement, one is fft and the other one is mdct(TDAC) the basic idea is same with the AAC filterbank using the mdct transform...


网上转载的<单片机做的MP3播放器,带芯片资料和字库文件>   无版权,分享给大家研究制作...

source code IIR

this is source code IIR, it use for mudulation,filter audio, it use for DSP, it usually for DSK 6416 and it usually aplication for study on university technology,industry...


6.18dbfs max_gain 最大增益,单位分贝,默认为20 noise_floor 噪音阈值,dbfs,默认为-40  ...

LPC10 source

space:nowrap;">LPC 线性预测编码 语音经典的编码方式,能够预测激励信号,同时去除语音之间的相关性,进行编码,达到最小的信息量...

ADPCM coding

size: 12px;">adpcm如何编码。初始化编码,编码函数与调用函数。...


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