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HMM model speech recognition source code


Speech recognition models Hmm

On non-specific people of voice recognition code, with c language prepared, can transplant to various embedded platform, used HMM model, contains Qian to, Hou to, Victor than algorithm, detailed code, run through, can with, for beginners, helps voice recognition of development..........................

Voice remote control car

size:12pt="" style="color:#000000;font-family:">本文以凌阳公司的SPCE061A单片机为控制核心,以语音小车控制电路板为辅,设计小车的动作。完成了电源电路、复位电路、键盘电路、音频输入电路,音频输出电路和无线控制电路等硬件功能...

HTK Decoder

family:����, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">大词汇量语音识别解码工具,你可以在 VC2008 下编译...

mcbsp for dsk6700

this file is good to  send voice to dsk 6700 and processing of any voice. by this code you can configure the port of dsk  in mcbsp format then by adjusting the aic23 codecs registers you can send a voice to dsk process it and then back it to aic23 and hear it in the output of dsk. it is go...


调用库函数处理WAV文件,实现语音的识别。 程序包含<vcl.h>,需要使用C++ BUILDER编译。...

gg.729 TI code

g.729a TI encoder and decoder code with good implementation. This code is tested many times on DSP kit and sotware defined radios....


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