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Compiler principle four-element type

space:nowrap;">编译原理四元式,十分好用,运行好使   来自 李涛四元式...

Battery Charger for AVR Microcontroler

FAST_charge - TRICKLE_charge。  旅行电池充电器参考设计与ATtiny15的 ; - 电池特殊功能: ; - fast_charge ; - trickle_charge...

Numerical analysis for interpolation

This program is mainly used for calculation of interpolation nodes in numerical analysis...

Interfacing DS18B20

Interfacing AT89C51 with DS18B20 on Keil C. It is useful for new student to study about 8051. Especially, interfacing 8051 with device on one wire. DS18B20 is used for measure temperature....


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