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OpenDWG|OpenDWG class library

OpenDWG libraries, OpenDWG libraries OpenDWG OpenDWG    OpenDWG class library class library class library class library class library OpenDWG OpenDWG OpenDWG OpenDWG class library class library class library class library OpenDWG OpenDWG OpenDWG library...

SIM900 display content and get data

This source code is to send the short message to SIM900 and display content in LED display board, then connect the PIC18f4550 to sim900 to get data....

The solution c of Ming. ((J) Shibata Wang Yang) after-school exercise source code

/**********************************************************************************File directory: MC < bright solutions C>List of sections: 1.1-1.13 total chapter 13Code file: Type sampleInventory code: 0101.c 01 Chapter 01 the first listing code ("code list 1-1")Practice code: 01-0...

Compiler principle four-element type

Compiler principle four-element type, very easy to use From Li Tao...

Battery Charger for AVR Microcontroler

Source file for NiMH charging algorithm - FAST_charge-  TRICKLE_charge. Travel Battery Charger Reference Design with ATtiny15;           - Battery specific functions:;             ...

MFC Browse pdfword document

Browse PDF, Word document in an MFC application files, C++ source code small instances of a program...

Numerical analysis for interpolation

This program is mainly used for calculation of interpolation nodes in numerical analysis...

A small text editor written in VC6.0 MFC program

A small text editor, the text editor written using VC6.0 an MFC program, pop-up text editor after running the main interface, the keyboard input after displaying text. It has a normal text editor has a function. Editor with the current text input, line, statistics, Undo, Redo, paste, search, matchin...

Display Time on LCD



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