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STM32 integrated project

family:宋体;">本综合项目设计电子图书、数码相框、音乐播放、应用中心、时钟、系统设置、FC 游戏机、收音机、记事本、运行器、 3D、手写画笔、照相机、录音机、 USB 连接、 TOM 猫、无线传书、计算器。...


无线电-大师 此"魔笛"互联网收音机是 RT-线程停止后的第一段发出官方 stm32 无线电套件 具有相同的功能的 stm32 无线电,我们可以认为它是最终应用程序的 stm32,但更重要的是可以 把它当做是 RT-线程体验平台。它的目的是...

GPRS remote communication software

up network status query, stop a network automatically, the data retroactively to save recovered data on the network, even the data transfer, network maintenance, heart maintenance, upstream and downstream data to pick up...

Nandflash management

A nandflash management modules, according to nandflash features a physical block to mapping virtual block, no wear balanced algorithm implemented. A nandflash management module, according to the characteristics of nandflash implements the mapping of physical block to the virtual block, no wear e...

SSD1305 driver source code

chip computer control LCD. SPI interface simulated by c, 51 and SSD1305....

Original STM32F1 oscilloscope

size:14px;">This is AD data acquisition based on single chip analog signals, I was doing an ECG acquisition circuits and STM3 2 on via LCD display...

Balanced Car Project Using PID Controller

wheel car balanced .it is exciting and challenging. my goal is to make the unbalanced car listen to me and go where i want it to go. if i want it stand still,it  must stand not to turn a hair,and i want it turn left ,it would not turn right a little . but how i can realise it? the answer i...


This source is the STM32F103ZET6 embedded microcontroller based on the MPU6050 three-dimensional acceleration sensor data acquisition procedures...

2416 bare metal drivers SD card FAT32

2,416 core Board c language programming of drivers to detect the SD card FAT32 file system and read FAT32 files...

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