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SPI communications in DMA mode



Test GPIO.  Turn on LED and turn off LED to test GPIO. I upload this to get point. It's not useful for you. :))...

Small electronic scale

The upload of source is a small made electronic scales, using has 52 single film machine, c language of prepared environment, has welding installed completed, looked to you has help, the upload of source is a small made electronic scales, using has 52 single film machine, c language of prepared envi...

STM32-related applications

Applications, it is mainly about the STM32 's basic and simple to learn to use the STM32, some program examples, essentially involves the STM32 design process needs to...

Reversing radar -- two ultrasonic ranging module

indent: 24pt;">软件主程序流程图包括主程序流程图,定时中断子程序流程图,外部中断子程序流程图。如果距离小于一定数值,则会进行蜂鸣器报警,同时每个方向对应一个LED灯,报警时对应的LED会亮。采用两个测距模块,更加提...

Fourier transform algorithm

Electric power industry, AC analog sampling Fourier transform algorithm. Can effectively filter out harmonics, speed up the calculation time. In the power industry, after the current, voltage, etc. gathering up the exchange amount, depending on the value of sampling points per period, you can get cu...

Simple c language source code for digital filter algorithm

This project is 10 simple digital filters in c language algorithms and source code. Welcome to download and use. Thank you all for your support....

Turn LED on off in STM32

size:14px;">这是程序初学者学习STM32 ARM。功能简单,如何配置STM32,并打开LED或关闭。  这个程序是写在KEIL。...

Controle de led RGB com PWM

This program make the control of LED's RGB with PWM signal on 3 pins.The effect of this program is like a fading...

STM32 based attitude heading reference system

size:12px;">attitude by 9-dof sensors (3-dof accelerater and 3-dof gyroscope and 3-dof magnetometer) .it can get attitude at 200Hz...

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