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Modbus485 protocol

Application background工业控制现场485总线协议,485远距离通信,现场总线控制应用Key Technology工业控制modbus485总线协议,stm32f103,物理层使用的是sp3485...

NX second development instance

An example to introduce a general method to do secondary development on the current high-end 3D CAD software, the entire function is implemented on the part of the parting process by calling NX secondary development interface, and the corresponding c function to achieve parts Select the menu generat...

AD9850 DDS module controller with Arduino Uno


Has the functions of administrators and ordinary users of campus navigation system

left:18.0pt;text-indent:0cm;"> (1)设计学校的校园平面图,所含景点不少于10个。以图中顶点表示校内各景点,存放景点名称、代号、简介等信息;以边表示路径,存放路径长度等相关信息。 (2)为来访客人提供图中任意景点相关...

Firmware C source for rep rap printer

space:nowrap;">Rep rap 打印机的固件 C 源代码...

LED blinking sequence and free

space:normal;">If the resistor that charges the capacitor is too low in value (or if the power supply voltage is too high), the current through the transistor will not become low enough for the transistor to turn off. If the resistor that charges the capacitor is too high in value (or the power supp...

Car rental management system

Examples to develop a complete and efficient car rental management system, written using c, regarding begins studies the materials management students, this is a good reference....

Student attendance system

bottom:0pt;margin-top:0pt;">  考勤信息记录了学生的缺课情况,它包括:缺课日期、第几节课(连续多节课用 begin-end的形式表示)、课程名称(课程名称中不会出现空格)、学生姓名、出席情况(出席、迟到、请假及旷课)。...

Attendance management system

size:14px;">attendance of student.It calculate overall percentage of the student.As well as  give the duty leave for the student......


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