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Qian long keep up DOS version source code

Qian long stock analysis software online edition DOS version, source code, many securities companies have used classic products, information about software stocks have been a great help, this code is only for educational purposes, there is a higher commercial value, please don't spread....

IEEE754 function source release of math -Free library by, Sun Microsystems,

Application backgroundFdlibm: free learning mathematical function library programming the best reference.Copyright (C) 1993 Sun Microsystems Inc., All rights reserved. by  *  * at SunSoft a, Sun Microsystems Inc., business. Developed  * to use Permission, copy, modify, distribute this...

Modbus485 protocol

Application background工业控制现场485总线协议,485远距离通信,现场总线控制应用Key Technology工业控制modbus485总线协议,stm32f103,物理层使用的是sp3485...

Finite element difference method code

Application backgroundFinite element difference method C language programming, can be used to calculate a variety of temperature field, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, including hidden heat source, significant heat source, dengden...

NX second development instance

An example to introduce a general method to do secondary development on the current high-end 3D CAD software, the entire function is implemented on the part of the parting process by calling NX secondary development interface, and the corresponding c function to achieve parts Select the menu generat...

AD9850 DDS module controller with Arduino Uno

just check the blog:

Has the functions of administrators and ordinary users of campus navigation system

(1) Design floor plans in schools, containing attractions, not less than 10 个。 Attractions within the represented by vertices in the graph schools, brief introduction of deposit attraction name, code, and other information; to edge represents the path, path length, and other related information....

125KHz RFID pic18f2520 with HTRC110 open Source Code

Open Source Code 125KHz HTRC110 with pic 18f2520. When tag is reding yellow led is blinking. Open Source Code 125KHz HTRC110 with pic 18f2520. When tag is reding yellow led is blinking. ...

MKL25 timer counter code

Application backgroundMKL25 series ARM chip learning and development of the MKL2X series of procedures!Key TechnologyRelated to the MKL2X series ARM chip TIMER chip PIT interrupt, PWM, and other technologies to learn...

Supermarket management system source code

Application backgroundThis system with the C language, can be used for beginners to download, which used all common knowledge of all beginners, classic C language code, for reference to complete the teacher's homework a good helper, no longer need to worry about the C language....


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