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Kmeans algorithm c language

This code is the text read in readout mode, data is the longitude and latitude coordinates transformation of plane coordinates of two-dimensional data. Because the processing of data classification. Achieve this code of the coordinate points of Division....

Application of can STM32 bus

Application backgroundCAN as a multi master mode, the network can take the initiative to send information to other nodes in the network at any time.The node only needs to be able to realize the point to point, point to multipoint and the global broadcast, etc.Key TechnologyTo abolish the traditional...

Hotel management system under C

For students to download, hotel management system, based on C interface, connect to the database of SQL Server~ can be used ~...

Apm2.74 flight control code

Application background# ArduPilot ProjectCan find lots of development information at the [ArduPilot development site] You ( Getting the sourceCan either download the source using the ZIP "button" at the top YouThe GitHub page or, you can make a clone using git: of.Key Tech...

The four axis program

Application backgroundSTC microcontroller IAP15W4K58S4- four axis aircraft flight control system, control procedures, for reference only....

DIY speed control program

Application backgroundThe hardware part: 40w/12V motor; 2 N/P MOS STC4614, STC15W104; SCM; 4 touch switch. Key Description: power keys; speed +; speed -; commutation. Single chip microcomputer output PWM MOS N/P control to control the motor speed, 4 file can be adjusted, the direction is controlled...

CVI dynamic mapping

CVI draws dynamic images using OpenGL. CVI interface describes function definition dynamic images, interface controlled by code generation....

LCD General Code

This code provides a great example for interfacing with LCD, This code is not written for a particular type of micro controller and is useful for to be used on any chip. The code contains various type of functions such as writing string and instruction on LCD, writing numbers and etc. The header fil...

proga ds1307 time

Source code to work with ds1307 and pic18f4520...

LCD display

LCD display, for avr where atmega16 used. This is to display the lcd to show the lcd where can lcd be shown to display charachters. LCD display, for avr where atmega16 used. This is to display the lcd to show the lcd where can lcd be shown to display charachters. LCD display, for avr where...


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