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Successful commissioning of asynchronous motor VVVF control procedures based on TI28335

top:0px;margin-bottom:25px;padding:0px;color:#444444;font-family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">三相交流异步电机的恒定V/F控制源代码,适用于TI的28335DSP,可在TI原装的F24x板上直接跑。适用于CCS3....

Freescale MCU CAN communication

CAN communication that reads engine speed, water temperature, and other parameters. Implementation of CAN communication instruments to implement it. You can use it to develop engines and automotive instrumentation. Written in c language, the hardware platform for the Freescale S9S12 MCU....

sparse matrix

This codes are about sparse matrix.I represented sparse matrix as structure.And it also can do addition of sparse matrix.If you read this code then you can learn about memory allocation, pointer and structure application.Sparse matrix's elements are almost 0, so if you define it as 2 demensional arr...

MWC STM32-based flight control code baseflight

size:16px;">mwc基于stm32的飞控代码baseflight,对初 学者有很大的帮助,这个适合航模爱好者,难度还是有点大大的,具体的可以去网上找mwc基于AVR的代码...

AT89C51 microcontroller-based music box



220V inverter,using SPWM to driver the supply power is 24V,and with protect about overvoltage,overcurrent...

Bi-directional Josephus problem

top:0px;margin-bottom:10px;color:#393939;font-family:'Open Sans';font-size:14px;line-height:20px;white-space:normal;"> 约瑟夫问题是一个经典的问题,我们不妨将这个经典问题进行扩展,变成一个双向的约瑟夫问题。 已知n个人(不妨分别以编号1,2...

PIC18_EEPROM PIC single chip EEPROM write procedure

space:nowrap;"> PIC单片机EEPROM读写程序   IIC硬件接口程序 , 读写内部数据...


size:35.0pt;line-height:150%;">PROJECT TITLE   AIRLINES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT     This project on Airlines Management System tries to provide some amount of automation in  airlines mangement...


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