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Freescale Semiconductor opto-electronic sources

Ninth Freescale Semiconductor smart car CCD competition source code, very useful image filtering algorithm with track recognition. IAR6.5 compilation environment...

Bare metal mini2440 player

Written based on the min2440 multifunctional player, bare-bones code, no OS, play music, audio playback recording alarm clock, picture effects, timing, electronic organs, and so on....

Eight digital game code

C language with eight digital game code, for the heuristic function usedManhattan path, and also added a heuristic function...

Freescale runs programs

Freescale electromagnetic runs the program, six sensors, and massive files at the end of libraries, let em fly, does not feel the same way, not the same code...

MAX197&STC52 program

The programs I tested good exchange to share this story with you, please comment, improve, include the header file, and c. c file ... ... .......

LCD1602 display serial port + receive temperature

LCD1602 + the program receives data from a serial port serial port to receive temperature through LCD display data. In the first line of the LCD display,     when the data is too much (more than 16 characters), the first line of LCD will be overwritten....

Smart car seesaw source

Application backgroundNowadays robots are gradually in certain sectors of society emerge, UAV, intelligent vehicles and other machines are becoming more and more and more of its unique advantages. The design and implementation of intelligent car balance on the seesaw.Key TechnologySmart car adopts s...

Design of four rotor aircraft based on 51 single chip microcomputer

Application backgroundThe design of IAP15W4K58S4- DIY based on the four axis, including principle diagram, remote control and four axis of the source code itself...

C0 language yacc parsers (semi-finished products)

Enter a directory file is any file format C0 Language programs, The output file is in XML format parse results, Process the input file as input, Flex Scanning, break down the string, identify words (defined operators, identifiers, operators, operators, constants), Flex the identifie...

Based on 51 single chip PS2 Keyboard

PS2 keyboard based on 51 single chip design, as a slave, PS2 interface connected to your computer, the program includes post, sending the key value and the scanning matrix. Tested fully workingNote to boot before the keyboard connected to the computer interface, computer BIOS self test to set the ke...

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