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High precision frequency meter

size:11pt;">本系统基于 C8051F020 实现等精度的频率测量, 利用该单片机灵活的控制功能及速 度优势,大大提高了性能和测量精度。以往的测频都是采用高频段直接计数、低频段间接测周 的方法,其测量精度往往会随着被测频率...

C macro definition

His summary of commonly used macro definitions, 51 is useful for code management, others can also refer to a look, learn more about writing is always good, and uploading for the first time, will continue to upload your own code or feel good summary or something for everyone, do not like do not spray...

ic tester using microcontroller

the project uses circuit to test the all the ic's using the micro controller and different electronics components the complete code is mentioned in the block. this project mainly used to test the 74 series IC's...

tect memory 5509

space:nowrap;">测试 CPU SDRAM tms320c5509a 测试 ROM 处理器 tms320c5509a...

DDP Testing version 1

tab-span" style="white-space:pre;"> init(); IO.PMR9.BYTE = 0xF0; //Set as I/O pins IO.PCR9 = 0xFF; //Port 9 as output Port IO.PDR9.BYTE = 0xFF; //Turn-off All LED while(1) { if((boundsensor == 1 && linesensorL == 0 && linesensorR == 0) || obsensor == 1) left_turn...

Dimmer switch power supply program

PIC16F510 MCU to realize press dimmer program. Press Press to strong light, press twice for work light, light current is strong one-second, press 3 for the Flash, press 4 for the shutdown. And program setting the low voltage alarm function, when the external power supply is insufficient 9.9V blinks...

hello world

cpp">#include < stdio.h > 作废 main () { printf ("你好世界"); }...

S072 nRF24L01 PA wireless data-transmission module

space:nowrap;">NOVATE S072 nRF24L01 PA 无线数传模块资料 只是参考程序 c51上运行的程序 nRF24L01通讯测试程序...

solve ecuations

these are some effective ways to solve ecuations and fine the roots of each one, for example gauss, gauss jordan, gauss seidel, lu....

Cdecl statement translated into popular language

Internationally renowned Cdecl Super Lite, it can be considered a kind of Chinese version ...C-language declarations can be translated into Chinese Oh!!Example (top row is chosen, the following line is the output):int aIdentifier-a is intint a[]Identifier a is an array of type intint *a[]Identifier...

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