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APM source code, ArduCopter3.2 is used to compile Arduino

size:16px;">APM3.2版本的源代码,ArduCopter3.2 ,可用arduino编译,基本是全部了,可以参考后自行发挥,挺不错的。...

Android VPN source code

Application backgroundAndrews VPN source, because the hands no  , VPN;   no testing. Interested can download to test, there is a problem can be commented, together with the improvement.Key TechnologyAndroid VPN technology, wide application, it is worth studying. Combining the information on...

MuPDF for Android (easy to use Android PDF Viewer)

size:16px;">MUPDF is a lightweight PDF reader, if you simply double click the MuPDF application icon, window interface does not appear, simply select the file to open. And also a Android/iOS version, version Android NDK is required to compile the source code before it runs, I've managed to compile t...

3D printer firmware Repetier-Firmware

1 //#define EXTERNALSERIAL  use Arduino serial library instead of build in. Requires more ram, has only 63 byte input buffer. // Uncomment the following line if you are using arduino compatible firmware made for Arduino version earlier then 1.0 // If it is incompatible you will get compi...


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