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Generic Stream encapsulation

space:nowrap;">当一个网络设备发送一条消息时,该消息将数据包的形式。 每个 OSI 模型的层将标头添加到数据包。 数据包然后覆盖着一些引导它起到一个目的地的信息类似于实际的邮件进行信封里的一封信上的地址。 同样地...

Socket file transfer

File transmission can chatLearn how to enhance your socket transfer speed, as well as how to strengthen the stability of...

Area connection GPRS

SIM300 GPRS capabilities, data sent from the SIM300 is sent to any place where you can connect to the network. Not only English, but also to support Chinese. If SIM300 insert phone card calls, traffic, most important calling card mobile Unicom cards, Telecom cards are not supported....

hangman game

This is the source code for the game Hangman. The communication between the client and the server and enter the ip and port number. You can also add multiple simultaneous access to the client....

sniffer to tcp

level packet filter. The expression selects which packets will be dumped. If no expression is given, all packets on the net will be accepted by the kernel-level filtering engine. Otherwise, only packets for which expression is `true' will be accepted. The expression consists of o...

embTCP UCP echo server

This is the source code for a UDP echo server. It listens to UDP port 7 and works with either/both IPv4 and IPv6....


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