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Send Email without attachments in the finalized version

Of Email communications using TCP/IP protocol features, you can add a send to friends in other functions, but owing to the limited technology, features that do not send attachments. Code using the c programming language, primarily knowledge and understanding of methods and rules governing the use of...

creating holes in server

Create a server and cumulate with this source! You will create some holes to have more space in your server! Good luck with this code! I hope is useful for you!...


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web clinet

this is a code example for avr and enc28j60 this example you can on and off 2 led via httml and send string to avr to show on lcd....

Pro Hellow word.txt

Pro Rs CommunicationRS-232 is the most common serial interface and ships as a standard component on most Windows-compatible desktop computers. RS-232 only allows for one transmitter and one receiver on each line. RS-232 also uses a Full-Duplex transmission method. Some RS-232 boards sold by National...

Modified procedure for nesC language, used to send tasks to the node numbers

Code can be used to send a message to the 1 – 49th node, and sends data to node, which uses lots of excuses, in addition to studies TinyOS can download to see, really, really valuable....


Application background[MCRSIM_orign.rar] - a variety of multicast routing algorithm under the Linux programming, from a foreign professor of the home page download, there is a Windows version of theKey TechnologyWinwods multicast routing algorithm, VC6 development of the multicast routing algorithm,...


Application backgroundSMSC for LAN91C111 based TCPIP LwIP protocol stack implementation procedures, supporting multi-threadedKey TechnologyTCPIP LwIP protocol stack, supports multi-threaded, embedded Ethernet, support for a variety of embedded operating system...


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