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des algorithm realization C

#includeclass SubKey {// Define key for a classpublic:int key [8] [6];} subkey [16]; // define the sub-key array of objectsclass DES {int encipher_decipher; // determine the encryption or decryptionint key_in [8] [8]; // user input original 64-bit binary numberint key_out [8] [7]; // remove the last...

Des implementation of C algorithm

#include#include#includeShow1 (void) / / the main interface{Printf ("\n\n\n\t\t*************** DES encryption and decryption system ******************\n\n");Printf ("\t\t--------------------------------------------------\n");//printf ("\t\t-----------------------------------...

graduation design - online dinner reservation

This is a graduation design about online dinner reservation.The system is develeped in JAVA. Hope you find it helpful...

query and pivot

Application backgroundSuitable for online meal ordering system has the function of ordering...


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