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MODBUS RTU 51 and vinylon touch screen communication routines.

Application background51 communication and vinylon touch screen. MODBUS RTU 51 and vinylon touch screen communication routines. Supported by the functional code: 01 (read), 05 (write), word: 03 (read), 06 (write) with digital tube display data input! Also detailed notes. Personally feel better porta...

CC2530 read the external SPI FALSH mode

Application backgroundThis code can use the SPI CC2530 function to read or write to the external   FALSH.Key Technology  CC2530; wireless ZigBee chip external expansion FLASH functionality can be compatible with most FLASH chips...

WIFI ATK-RM04 module test

Application backgroundATK-RM04 is a high performance UART-ETH-WIFI (serial Ethernet wireless network) module introduced by ALIENTEK. RM04 ATK-Module board contains Hi-Link HLK-RM04 module, the module through the CE, FCC certification, can be directly used for products sold in Europe and america.Key...

ZigBee radio frequency communication

Application backgroundThe program can be used in the ZigBee module, ZigBee module to achieve mutual communication, of course, through radio frequency and non Z-stack way.Key TechnologyTo realize mutual communication between a plurality of modules, and can make the receiver in the receipt of data aut...

Decoding PPM using STM32 timer

Application backgroundPPM is a kind of transmission form, which is based on the combination of multiple data in a specific protocol (protocol can be defined according to their own needs). PPM output, and then use the MCU decoding PPM, to obtain the effective data in PPM. This method can be used in t...

MODBUS-51 reference program

Application background< reg52.h> #include;Modbus.h "#include"/**********************  single crystal: 11059200HZ 9600 baud rate.  485 Control foot: P3^7; according to their board to modify the modbus.h***************************************/Main void (){InitProg ();While (1){TimeProc...


Application backgroundSTM8lFreeModbus source code program is very detailed content and I am very successful transplant, has been used in the project...

Bluetooth CC2541 learning code

Application backgroundBluetooth CC2540 microcontroller for beginners code, ADC, UART, interrupt, timer, and a variety of experimental code, clear, rigorous thinking, is the best entry reference for beginners...

Bluetooth 4, CC2540 basic experimental code

Application backgroundCode, including keys, led, timer, serial communication, AD control, sleep wake up, watch dog, and a series of learning code, can quickly get started ble4.0 Bluetooth learning, is one of the necessary reference code for developers...

STM32F103 ADC drivers

Published source does not know can not be found on the Internet in order to share hope that the author will forgive Ah...

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