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Wire App Note Source Code

size:14px;">使用 pic 微控制器的一条线通信。1 线是在概念上类似于 I²C,但以较低的数据速率 和更长的时间范围。它通常用来沟通小廉价的设备,如数字温度计 和气象仪器。1 线设备相关联的主设备网络被称为微型。...

Flow-tools a set of programs for processing and managing NetFlow

size:14px;">流工具是一套程序来处理和管理 NetFlow 出口从思科和杜松的路由器。该软件最初是由 Mark Fullmer 而在俄亥俄州大学工作。Steve 罗米格和 OSU 的网络安全小组已添加文档、 功能,和提供的反馈。近来资助了 OARnet 和俄亥俄...

Electronic menu selector system in hotel

align:center;"> 电子菜单选择器系统的酒店,采用无线技术 现在我们有一切先进的技术只有但没有电子菜单没有酒店将一天用于选择客户无供应商的系统,没有供应商的 情况下我们不能也给一个秩序但现在我们需要...

ZigBee wireless lighting master drive

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">TI CC2530 wireless lighting program, using the keys to wireless control lamp switch. This program is the main  way. Overwrite the original file can easily use TI...

STC MCU infrared data transfer tube

With STC89C51 achieved infrared on tube of data: 1, and first with a STC single tablets machine received good accept circuit, using digital tube displayed test with of infrared remote control (General buy of development version, are has a small of infrared remote control), compared data whether righ...

M's JSON parser

M's JSON parser is a small JSON parser written in ISO C which enables the user to handle information described by the JSON data interchange format....

Microcontroller to communicate

Is all about communication between two MCU. a master machine, another machine. slave is responsible for displaying liquid crystal displays (LCD1602) clock (DS12887). by PC, command and control, and adjust the time. and controlled the clock time...

Buzzer with Arduino


stm32 usart interrupt

This file is about how to use usart of stm32 microcontroller in interrupt mode ...


Application background this code helps users read the analog inputs with 10 samples.  MSP430G2553 + ADC10, display inputs through UART communication Key Technology Sample rates: 200 KSPS Interface: Serial I2C, Serail SPI...

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