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Unlocking the Power of OPNET Modeler source code book

space:nowrap;">Unlocking the Power of OPNET Modeler一书,最新出版的教材,经典的源代码,不容错过...

IEEE802.15.4 source code


Complete program includes dozens of programs LDPC

family:Simsun;font-size:16px;line-height:normal;white-space:normal;">此软件是指用于支撑研究低密度奇偶校验(LDPC)码。它还包括稠密和稀疏模2的矩阵模块的操作,并产生随机数。 本软件源代码库现在托管在GitHub上。详细信息请参阅文档...


TI MSP430 operation CC3000mod provided by the official WiFi module source code, including drivers and interface programs, development environment for IAR....

FFR, part of frequency reuse, simulation codes, c

division multiplexing OFDM scheme. The spectrum is divided into two parts, with the same frequency spectrum reuse, using part of the spectrum reuse factor of 3, which is the reuse partitioning, or called fractional frequency multiplexing (Fractional Frequency Reuse). A frequency reuse factor represe...

AES Secure communications

AES Secure communications software, since the network is not secure, a lot of communication may have been stolen, so the software can implement secure communications....


space:nowrap;">/***************************************************** 这个程序由制作 CodeWizardAVR V2.05.0 专业 自动程序生成器 © 版权所有 1998年-2010年帕维尔 · Haiduc,HP InfoTech s.r.l. 项目: 版本: 日期: 2013 年 10 月 1...

NRF24L01 send receive

chip lovers are only required to reserve 5 GPIO,1 single chip computer systemBroken input pin, it's easy to realize the function of wireless communication, very suitable for MCU system in wireless communicationFunction....

Broadcom MIPS64 SOCs sample software

space:normal;">这是一个收集有关 Broadcom 的示例软件(SiByte) BCM1125/H 和 BCM1250 MIPS64 Soc。有关信息这种分布的变化看到在这个"版本"文件目录。 下面是示例软件目录列表的提供,每个内容的简要说明。大多数其中还包含自述文件,它...

Wireless lighting

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">两块 WeBee 模块通信,一个模块作发射,另外一个模块接收,发射模块依次按下按键 S1,改变接收模块 LED1  的亮灭的状态。实现无线点灯功能。例程的源代码 CC2530 BasicRF.rar 是 TI 官网上下载的,用...


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