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MSP430 square-wave frequency, the maximum test 18Mhz

Clock pin input pulse signals from outside the MSP430, timed recording pulses to achieve accurate frequency measurement....

NRF24L01 two wire communication module

Application backgroundThe wireless module can be used as a wireless module for the development of two way communication, and the perfect module can be used in the wireless communication of vehicle, ship, aircraft and other toys. Very suitable for a certain basis, like the use of DIY enthusiasts.Key...


RS232 is an asynchronous serial communications protocol, widely used on computers. Asynchronous means it doesn't have any separate synchronising clock signal,  so it has to synchronise itself to the incoming data - it does this by the use of 'START' and 'STOP' pulses. The signal itself is sligh...


opnet中zigbee协议下经常需要进行节能研究,需要添加电池模块。 ZigBee网络是资源受限的网络, 集中表现在电池能量、数据整合能力、存储空间及通信带宽等非常有限。终端节点采集的原始数据直接传送到路由节点是现在普遍采...

Based on stm32f407 usb to 232 procedures

STMicroelectronics stm32f407 based Board USB ext 232 routines, the routine use of print serial network Assistant displays, completed the USB drive and transformation system calls in many library functions, beginners can be run directly in Keil c, or based on template modifications for other programs...

PSoC3 wireless communications

2.4G wireless communications based on PSoC, a pair of wireless communication can be achieved, or how to wireless communications. Instance uses one-to-one wireless communications. You can modify the channel number (0 to 5 channels) to select the data send and receive channels. Wireless communication...

6936 wireless module code

6936 wireless communication module code, I have been authenticated. Code is stabe, the communication distance of the wireless module is farther....

Simple Uart bluetooth 4.0 interface with cc2540

The example is based on SimpleBLEPeripheral running on a keyfob. It has both CC2540  projects but the included SerialInterface.c/h can be using in any other project to open up serial communication. ...

RFID communication layer

Communication layer between the RFID cards and card readers, using files of c code...

Single-chip multi-machine communication program with PC machine serial communication

Program general idea is:First define several global variables after receiving the data, serial port interrupt subroutine with variable rec_data store one byte of data, then parses the data: first determines the packet's integrity, correctness, and extract the scripts, data and other data, stored for...


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