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MSP430 square-wave frequency, the maximum test 18Mhz

Clock pin input pulse signals from outside the MSP430, timed recording pulses to achieve accurate frequency measurement....


family:'Times New Roman';font-size:medium;line-height:normal;white-space:normal;">RS232 是异步串行通信协议,广泛应用在计算机上。异步意味着它不会有任何单独的同步时钟信号,所以它必须同步本身对传入的数据-这是通过使用开始和停止脉冲。...


opnet中zigbee协议下经常需要进行节能研究,需要添加电池模块。 ZigBee...

Based on stm32f407 usb to 232 procedures

STMicroelectronics stm32f407 based Board USB ext 232 routines, the routine use of print serial network Assistant displays, completed the USB drive and transformation system calls in many library functions, beginners can be run directly in Keil c, or based on template modifications for other programs...

PSoC3 wireless communications


6936 wireless module code

6936 wireless communication module code, I have been authenticated. Code is stabe, the communication distance of the wireless module is farther....

Simple Uart bluetooth 4.0 interface with cc2540

size:16px;">该示例基于 SimpleBLEPeripheral 在 keyfob 上运行。它有两个 CC2540 项目,但包括的 SerialInterface.c/h 可以用任何其他项目以打开串行通信。...

PIC12F EDF Teleinfo

Use of a litle 8 DIP circuit PIC12F1840 to catch the information comming from the EDF panel isolate now value of consumption in WattHeure and Now value of AC current in Amps. Tacking ambiant temperature of the Garage ( where is located the EDF panel) Theses values are send to...

MT6250RF No calibration parameters settings

RF calibration is very time-consuming, and to simplify the line production problems, increase productivity, by an annex code, a direct replacement for the baseline file, does not send and receive power and sensitivity calibration to meet requirements....




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