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analog readings by gsm

this project is about sending analog readinds to some where in gsm coverage via gsm modem getting values from adc by pic builtin adc and showing it on lcd and sending by gsm modem as sms...

Wireless electronic tags

Compared with traditional forms of labelling, electronic tags Larger capacity (1bit-1024bit), data can be updated  at any time, for both reading and writing. Read and write speed: compared with the barcode Without the line alignment scan, read and write faster, target identificatio...

Hydraulic curing press

Omron PLC, is the automatic control of hydraulic curing press program. Able to start press multiple pressure automatically, reducing the human...

Socket program

It is simple socket programming for beginners.  Typically two processes communicate with each other on a single system through one of the following inter process communication techniques. Pipes Message queues Shared memory There are several othe...

Based on the design of digital clock and stopwatch

This program is based on the monolithic integrated circuit C51 to achieve functional design of a digital clock and stopwatch. This design on top of the clock to adjust the table or the swap between the clock and stopwatch, P2.0,P2.1,P2.2 is used to select different digital tube light; P2.4 adjustabl...

Mesa de audio controler

Projeto Mesa 01 controler com Picf877a, versao 1 sem lcd...

stm32 usart interrupt

This file is about how to use usart of stm32 microcontroller in interrupt mode ...


Application background this code helps users read the analog inputs with 10 samples.  MSP430G2553 + ADC10, display inputs through UART communication Key Technology Sample rates: 200 KSPS Interface: Serial I2C, Serail SPI...

Design of waveform generator

The design is a design of waveform generator, including common black wave, square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave design. Including source code and simulation design....

Design of bank calling system

Application backgroundReg52.h> #include<#define uchar unsigned char / / macro definition#define uint unsigned int   / / macro definitionRs=P2^0 sbit;E=P2^1 sbit;Sbit key1=P2^2; / / four key service personnelKey2 sbit...


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