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analog readings by gsm

this project is about sending analog readinds to some where in gsm coverage via gsm modem getting values from adc by pic builtin adc and showing it on lcd and sending by gsm modem as sms...

Wireless electronic tags

space:nowrap;">与传统形式的标签相比,电子标签容量更大(1bit—1024bit),数据可随时更新,可读写。   读写速度:与条码相比 ,无须直线对准扫描,读写速度更快,可多目标识别、运动识别。   使用方便:体积小,容易...

Socket program

top:0px;margin-bottom:1.571em;color:#111111;font-family:'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:21.984375px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> Typically two processes communicate with each other on a single system through one of the following inter pro...

Based on the design of digital clock and stopwatch

space:nowrap;">P2.0,P2.1,P2.2用于选择不同的数码管亮;P2.4用于调表,按下进入调表模式;p2.5使所调位加1; P2.6按键调表恢复数字计数或者秒表恢复数字钟;P2.7按键进入秒表状态。...

Mesa de audio controler

space:normal;"> Projeto Mesa 01 controler com Picf877a, versao 1 sem lcd...

stm32 usart interrupt

This file is about how to use usart of stm32 microcontroller in interrupt mode ...


Application background this code helps users read the analog inputs with 10 samples.  MSP430G2553 + ADC10, display inputs through UART communication Key Technology Sample rates: 200 KSPS Interface: Serial I2C, Serail SPI...


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