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SIP Based VOIP Phone

SIP based VOIP phone.  It contains the dialer panel, APIs for programmer, C based core source code and testing software.The source code structure is listed below :build : makefile and etc.console : command line based dialer consolecoreapi :  core source code in C.  Supports SIP IP pho...

QoS of VoIP over wireless lan with ns2

VoIP is arapidly evolving technology that could possibly revolutionise the telecommunicationindustry.  When implemented on wirelessdata networks, VoIP could prove to be instrumental in the convergence ofexisting fixed and cellular telephony networks with the fast growing wired andwireless data...

1.8 Kbps fixed point OpenLPC codec

Here are actual voice samples that were compressed and decompressed with the codecs included with HawkVoice. The original u-law encoded samples were encoded and decoded back to u-law for comparison....

VOIP softphone kphoneSI - an extension to kphone

KphoneSI (kpsi)  is a SIP softphonefor Linux, with which you can initiate VoIP (Voice over IP) connectionsover the Internet, send Instant Messages, subscribe your friends'presence information and start other applications of your choiceThe KphoneSI is an extention of the KPhone (http://www.wirla...


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