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rectangle drawing

It is a very good rectangle drawing program. In this program I have used some OpenGl routines and I have also Included some OpenGL libraries becuase these graphics program can run only when these Libraries are included. I think it is the shortest program to dram a perfect rectangle....

Texture mapping

space:nowrap;">纹理映射#include <stdlib.h> #ifdef __APPLE__ #include <GLUT/glut.h> #else #include <GL/glut.h> #endif GLfloat planes[]= {-1.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0}; GLfloat planet[]= {0.0, -1.0,  0.0, 1.0}; GLfloat vertices[][3] = {{-1.0,-1.0,-1.0},{1.0,-1.0,-1.0}...

keyboard interfacing


Camera 1.cpp

void Camera::set Camera...

panda3d example animation

this code is designed to show how to use panda 3d in the animation process .it inherites all the opengl characteristics with slight difference and this was explained clearly....

Coder Expert

Signal compression expert, including speech, audio and video compression, and algorithm implementation....

Loader-c 3DS + 3D model

Application background基于OpenGL的3D模型读取和显示程序,十分的有参考价值,可以使用这个程序来读取和显示3D程序Key Technology3D 模型读取和显示, 基于 OpenGL, 值得学习和参考。里面有例子可以直接运行,十分的方便。支持.obj等文...


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