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sourcecode ini berfungsi untuk menampilkan cahaya kepada seluruh objek pencahayaan ada 3 jenis 1. diffuse 2. ambient 3. specular...

AR marks lizi

ARToolkit comes with example programs, add their own written in OpenGL a small example, works well and can play with the keyboard, there is a small interactive. But writing is relatively simple, no textures, just a little example, requests you to modify, make him perfect....



Draw an Apple program LOGO

Source using the principle of the Golden Apple LOGO to reappear, original, and the original LOGO is a little different, draw some fat! First contact with OPENGL tried painting with its approach a bit, don't like, try spray Ouch!...

Image Tweening

Tweening generates intermediate frames between two images to give the appearance that the first image evolves smoothly into the second image. In this project, Key frames are used to create the illusion of motion. Texturing, spinning, scaling are the techniques used to carry out the procedure of draw...

Caustics OpenGL

OpenGL-rendering of Underwater CausticsUnderwater environments look quite different from above-water environments. Think about swimming underwater in a swimming pool. Light hitting the rippling surface of the water creates focusing effects or "caustics" on underwater surfaces (such as the...

An object moving according to mouse path

size:14px;">这个项目在 OpenGL 中使用 c 编程语言有了它是一项方案,根据鼠标的移动,像如果有人想按他的说法的路径一样复杂,因为它可能是,他使路径使用鼠标行为。现在小物体的移动量依据由用户创建的路径。创建的路径可...


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