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based computer, when some other computer want to know the integrity of the TPM-based computer, the computer can send a request through client side built on it. When the TPM-computer received the request, it sends corresponding data to remote computer, then remote computer can compute the integrity o...

W5200 TCP Keil project

This is a simple project with using Wiznet driver for W5200 TCP/IP chip with using Cortex M3 microcontroller...

C language programming under Linux Sockets implementation group chat

size:12pt;">Client端和server端通过父子进程分别负责进行发送和接收数据,Server端通过共享存储区来存储聊天信息,并发送给每个连接的用户。  **实现多人在线群聊 **实现显示时间功能 **会提示有新客户进入聊天室...

Based on TCP Socket communication

Based on TCP Socket communication, c language, the development environment is VC6.0. Contains the server and client, and instructions for use in the compression package....

VC++MFC TCP_SOCKET simple TCP transport protocol, you can add you on this extended features like

I have written the most simple TCP_SOCKET transfer protocols, helps Beginners learn SOCKET programming, a glimpse into the mysteries of the SOCKET! I hope all of you to help!...

simplex mode under linux voice chat

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;color:#000000;">采用UDP传输,服务器端接受语音并播放,客户端采集语音并发送给服务器端。在局域网内能实现简单的 语音通信。采用Linux下的音频OSS框架,代码简单易 懂。           &...


content-704890400" class="best-text mb-10">SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol,简单网络管理协议)。...

ftp client

FTP client under Linux, c, GCC compilation; realization of file upload and download, resuming; technical point: waiting for processes, interprocess communication, pipes, soket programming standard library functions and system calls, file I/O, file permission management...


space:nowrap;">$Id: Changelog.txt,v 1.95 2009/10/30 09:18:18 nanard Exp $ miniUPnP client Changelog. VERSION 1.4 : released 2009/10/30 2009/10/16:   using Py_BEGIN_ALLOW_THREADS and Py_END_ALLOW_THREADS in python module. 2009/10/10:   Some fixes for compilation under Sola...

TCP-UDP character data

UDP transmission, TCP-UDP server-based and client-side data transceiver, character data transceiver, if you want to send and receive text or file read or write can fopen, fread and fwrite to drink....


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