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Simple SIPUA source code

A simple SIP Terminal, do not rely on any library, written in pure c, learning and adaptation, reportedly registered (not certified) and full call process signaling, call the audio drivers are older versions of Linux, suitable for embedded development...

Epoll write blocking client, server

Epoll on Linux 2.6 kernels introduced, replacing the previous select/poll model that adequately support large concurrent network program under Linux....

Simplest tcpserver and TcpClient

A socket send and receive simple TcpClient.c and tcpserver.c demo, set the listening address and port on the service side, in the address and port of the client settings will be sent....

FTP client cross platform

Application backgroundYou can use the Apache server, the server will do the appropriate settings. This is open source code, easy to modify, code easy to use, you can according to their own needs, do the appropriate changes to achieve the file upload and download, and supports cross platformKey Techn...

Simple socket communication

Stream sockets (SOCK_STREAM), datagram sockets (SOCK_DGRAM) and raw sockets. 1. streaming sockets to provide connection-oriented, reliable data transmission services, data bytes, in order to send and receive, to ensure no loss in transmission, without redundancy. TCP protocol supports the socket. 2....

TCP socket programming Communications

Implementation of TCP communication, the server waits for a client to connect, after successful client end of the connection sends a fixed string to the client, after completing the communications, close to establish socket. Program is simple is the entry-level socket programming source code,if &nbs...

Internet chat rooms

Establishment of a client/server architecture, establishing how to implement client-server.   Through server-side socket bind host IP, waits for a client to connect.   Server clients open up a thread for each connection.   Notifications now chat customers, XXX online. &...

IM under Linux socket code, no interface

Linux, Socket socket client and workflow server, written in a chat room. Can be in a room with other people to  talk to and show room number, time and ip address....

Web chat tool

This is a Linux written using GTK and socket under the TCP/IP based network communication tool, there is a server-side, one client, 22 in the client-side and server-side communication. This code is easy to understand for beginners use GTK and socket....

IPv6 TCP multi-threaded test procedure

IPv6 TCP multi-threaded test procedure, applicable to the Linux environment, using the GCC compiler, including TCP and TCP client server-side testing procedures test procedures. is a script is compiled, and modify them as necessary. Screenshot fedora12 environment of test results. Welcomes the...


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