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Simple socket communication


TCP socket programming Communications

Implementation of TCP communication, the server waits for a client to connect, after successful client end of the connection sends a fixed string to the client, after completing the communications, close to establish socket. Program is simple is the entry-level socket programming source code,if &nbs...

Internet chat rooms

size:10="" 5pt="" span="" c="" s="" style="font-family:'Times New Roman';font-family:">   建立C/S 架构思想,确立如何实现客户端服务器。   服务器端通过socket绑定主机IP,等待客户端的连接。   服务器为每个连接...

Web chat tool

This is a Linux written using GTK and socket under the TCP/IP based network communication tool, there is a server-side, one client, 22 in the client-side and server-side communication. This code is easy to understand for beginners use GTK and socket....

IM under Linux socket code, no interface


Calculadora em Sockets

space:nowrap;">distributed calculator socket. Four researchers want to execute a series of calculations for their research. However, their systems have processors which are very fast for only specific calculations. For example, W’s computer executes addition fast but is slower whe...

CC1000 projects

Here is project for CC1000 module. Please try to master it. If you have any question, you can write email to me for asking. So my purpose is designing tags with RF protocol tranmission between 2 equipments for coal mining system, maybe: telecom, telefon, identification systems. Thanks a lot fo...

Full-duplex transmission of voice

space:nowrap;"> Windows 95作为微机的操作系统,已经完全融入了网络与通信功能,不仅可以建立纯Windows 95环境下的“对等网络”,而且支持多种协议,如TCP/IP、IPX/SPX、NETBUI等。在TCP/IP协议组中,TPC是一种面向连接的协义,为用户...

Time gets a simple client program

Based on the TCP protocol, create a client gets the time, for a three-way handshake code                                              &...

ftp server



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