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space:nowrap;">#include <string.h> #include "wtcTest.h" #include "IsmpCrmEngineSoapBinding.nsmap" char * reqPackType[REQ_PACK_NUM] = {"dgwtc.xml", "tdwtc.xml"}; SpTalk * fwdSp; char            logFilePath[512] = {0};    //log file path FI...

Soket communications

Socket multi-client server communication uses multithreading, you can achieve the data between the client and the server sends the freedom, the desire to help a friend make network communications....

Socket C send & receive and doing data processing

This the code used C to program the Socket part and you can save a lot of time after reading my code, with comment, easy to understand...

Fork with TCP

It is a basic implementation of chat server using TCP protocol using fork() method. It is a chat server with client and server. Both need to be connected together before starting to chat....

Client Server

A good client server using tcp sockets. There is two things a client and server and they want to send files to each other then they use to establish connection and send files...

Simple socket program Client

size:16px;">这是一个简单的客户端和服务器套接字程序为 Linux。C.在编写代码它是一个简单的模型。它用于创建客户端应用程序的使用作为开始的程序。它旨在与还附上简单的服务器运行。只需编译每个程序,并在单独的终端中运...

Original socket for ARP request

Application background<span style="font-size:9.0pt;font-family:"">...


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