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C traps and defects

c traps and defects are written by Andrew Koenig, Gao Wei translation. Andrew Koenig is AT & T scale program of research and development (former Bell Labs) members, not only has many years of C ++ development, research and teaching experience, but also personally involved in the C ++ evolution a...

Expert c programming

"C Programming experts" demonstrates the best coding techniques used by C programmers, and opened a special chapter on the basics of C ++ were introduced. C's history books, language features, statements, arrays, pointers, links, runtime, memory, and how to further learning C ++ and other...

DCT, simple

Very easy to use, clear picture!DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform, DCT) is a real number domain transform, which is a real number cosine transform kernel functions. After discrete cosine transform of an image, a number of important visual information about the image is concentrated in a small portion o...


Application backgroundIs tiny easily, ported and fast. Well sods, of fast sort, a tunnel going over DNS. Which means not really very fast. forHas a few tricks to get around network limitations. sodsWays to use sods: SomeOf gated Internet access that allow DNS queries like, those found in airports us...

Split Visual the latest version of the C++ File 5 source code

Application backgroundAfter the can be directly compiled, the specific look at the Readme.txt can be directly compiled after decompression, the specific look at the Readme.txt can be compiled directly after decompression, specifically, please see Readme.txt...

Ultra link application gadget

Application backgroundEarly to do a small application tool, double click.Exe to specify the page, such as Baidu, etc.; static compiled, directly download to the computer can be used...


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