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fira 11v11 v

Chengdu University of fira 11v11 source fileSoccer Robot Simulation Group SimuroSot11vs11 of the source. Contains policy documents and position papersstrategy.cppposition.cpp...

NURBS curve interpolation

This article more in-depth study of NURBS curve and its properties, the relevant parameter calculation method. Raised when palms of NURBS curves interpolation algorithm for differential equations, using combined front and rear differential replace differential Method, the initial push iterative imp...

Hand gesture detection

This is the source code of hand gesture detection using C. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

How to use modbus over serial line for stm32

We are developing a hardware and software of master and client device for use security system.  We use 210 board based on ARM CORTEX 8 CPU module for master device.  We use software with android application for graphical design of the security system and combine this master device with...

C language Manchester encoding

This code using c language program acronym, can run under windows conditions for the realization of Manchester encoding process using c language, which content easy to understand, believe beginners can quickly understand, following Manchester coding is the process by c language. And a cross-sectiona...

Interfacing 74hc595 and 8051 for led effect

Here the file contains code and proteus simulation for interfacing AT89S52 microcontroller and 74HC595 8-bit shift register....

HelixAAC decoder

Helix AAC audio decoder source code, but the sound quality, the speed is very fast! Will upload later corresponding encoder code, please conjunction with!...

SHA256 c source code

SHA256 c language source code, tested on a VC. Security requirements, such as development data signature verification. Can be ported to Linux environment...


lex -l Lexfile.l yacc -d Parser.y g++ lex.yy.c ./a.out <input.txt >output.txt Assembly Compile: nasm -f elf input.asm ld -o ouput input.o ./output...

MP3 encoding program

Written in c language, you can encode WAV format file into an MP3 file. Encoding MPEG1 Layer3. program examples can be successfully encoded WAV files into MP3 files....

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