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Hand gesture detection

This is the source code of hand gesture detection using C. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

How to use modbus over serial line for stm32

We are developing a hardware and software of master and client device for use security system.  We use 210 board based on ARM CORTEX 8 CPU module for master device.  We use software with android application for graphical design of the security system and combine this master device with...

C open the camera

The source is the main: open camera on computer programs, this program is mainly formed by the c, C++ and object-oriented language without complex, guarantee, of course, understand, what are you waiting for, hurry download!!! The source is the main: open camera on computer programs, this progr...


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lex -l Lexfile.l yacc -d Parser.y g++ lex.yy.c ./a.out <input.txt >output.txt Assembly Compile: nasm -f elf input.asm ld -o ouput input.o ./output...

MP3 encoding program

Written in c language, you can encode WAV format file into an MP3 file. Encoding MPEG1 Layer3. program examples can be successfully encoded WAV files into MP3 files....

Supports extracting images from a PDF document

Based on the open source Xpdf project modifications, can extract pictures from PDF documents, all the picture resolves to a buffer, the buffer in the form of linked lists maintained, sequential scan PDF document, when upon seeing a picture, just append a node at the end of the chain, and parsing out...

Airplane games under Linux using SDL libraries tanks

Tanks play airplane games under Linux using SDL libraries. take configuration of SDL libraries, compile-time-LSDL is good...

Gesture recognition code based on Neural Network

Application backgroundThis program contains a neural network algorithm to achieve the gesture recognition code...

Dnw's official source code

Language configured serial port communication and USB Traffic. Read its source code, is to know as soon as possible and grasp pc Communication mechanisms between the machine and the target device, better and faster application development – the completion of its function is PC Communication betwee...

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