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SIFT image stitching code

This is SIFT through the code for image stitching, first through the SIFT algorithm to detect feature points, then Euclidean distance match point, then uses RANSAC to remove false points. Finally, the weighted average method is used to image. I have tested and absolutely easy to use....

wav Mp3 convert

wav Mp3 convert #include "My_lame.h" //kwak 2011.03.28 만듬 My_lame::My_lame(void) { m_hDLL =NULL; beInitStream=NULL; beEncodeChunk=NULL; beDeinitStream=NULL; beCloseStream=NULL; beVersion=NULL; beWriteVBRHeader=NULL; beWriteInfoTag=NULL; m_hDLL = Load...

Linear Bresenham algorithm

The midpoint of the line of the Bresenham algorithm works: every time you step on the main direction of displacement, go walking on the other direction depending on the median deviation value of the discriminant. Ideal line plane is divided into three areas: on the line, f (x, y) = 0; For top...

C language library management system

This is a c language library management system, using the file instead of the database to store information, and user information...

video encoder

This code helps you to encode and decode the videos. Periodic Intra Refresh instead of keyframes are possible, which enables each frame to be capped to the same size enabling each slice to be immediately transmitted in a single UDP or TCP packet and on arrival immediately decoded. Macroblock-tree ra...

Tower Defense games

A Tower Defense game that c language, because it is just learning the c programming language is done, so the code is a mess, but the game runs well ....

Calculator in c code

This a c calculator thta can be the principal functions whit just 2 numbersYou can love this program has  abeuty expresion about life...

C language compiler

c language compiler, parsing, lexical analysis. Parser generator (parser generator) is a format specified in the syntax of a language as its input and produces the analysis process that language as its output of the program. Historically, the parser generator is called a compiler - compiler (compile...

Capture all content in c language

Here is get all HTML content of a Web page address. and you can see.                   ...

C language design student achievement management system

C-language synthesis design, student achievement management system...

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