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ABLUA full set of source code

Application backgroundThe stone age LUA source code, AB development. As many as hundreds of LUA scripts, based on the AB engine. Including the change password, pet exchange, catch the pig, change the name, delegate, leasing, sweepstakes, automated PK, siege, field boss, attendance, devil, watching,...

Bluetooth car program based on 51 (with phone APP)

Bluetooth car program based on 51, you simply press the program lines, enclosing the phone APP, rocker button controls, and gravity sensor...

password based door locking system using 8051 microcontroller

        we designed password based door locking system using microcontroller 8051.interfacing of keypad and lcd screen is reqired for input and we interface 3*3 keypad with microconntroller.we also provide a facility to change password....

wireless heart rate monitor

now a days wireless communication is gaining pace....even for small things we need a wireless case of public health its of immense a wireless heart rate monitor and temperature sensor comes very handy.using a 555 timer amd microcontroller 89c52 we can implement it...

C language implementation of neural network pruning algorithm

"Neural network pruning algorithm" is a simplified neural network structure to one of the most effective ways to avoid overfitting the network. Wishes to entropy as a punishment added the right value in the objective function, multilayer feedforward neural network in automatic constraint v...

MPU-6050 measuring angle and angular acceleration

MSP430 and Kalman MPU-6050 measuring angle and angular acceleration test of gyroscope self-test and set the detection range (no self test, 16.4LSB/DBS/S) accelerometers self-test, and high-pass filter frequency measurement range (no self test, 2G (16384LSB/G), 5Hz)...

led matrix

Code viet led matrix bang c va asm...

PIC16F877A motor driver

This code is for pic16f877a motor driver. It help student with basic knowledge to easy understand how to make simple microchip motor pwm controller....

Popular software for electronic price computing scale

This is my electronic scale manufacturers develop a flat piece of software, directly through the software settings, can produce a 3kg,6kg,15kg,30kg,69kg,100kg,150kg,300kg,600kg,1000kg index value can be up to 6000 degrees for your friend for reference!...

The ninth session of the flying thought Carle electromagnetic vehicle source code

Application backgroundDetailed ninth electromagnetic group procedures, can be directly usedKey TechnologyThe 5 inductance detection circuit, normalization algorithm, can refer to the arrangement of the inductor, and processing method...


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