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Bluetooth car program based on 51 (with phone APP)

Bluetooth car program based on 51, you simply press the program lines, enclosing the phone APP, rocker button controls, and gravity sensor...

C language implementation of neural network pruning algorithm

"Neural network pruning algorithm" is a simplified neural network structure to one of the most effective ways to avoid overfitting the network. Wishes to entropy as a punishment added the right value in the objective function, multilayer feedforward neural network in automatic constraint v...

PIC16F877A motor driver

This code is for pic16f877a motor driver. It help student with basic knowledge to easy understand how to make simple microchip motor pwm controller....

ad9833 based function generator

Note: power on the +12V rail is about 90mA rising to 110mA with the outputs loaded and the freq. at 20Mhz. Power on the -12V rail is about 15mA rising to 23.7mA at 11MHz(peak load frequency) with the AD811 output loaded with a short or capacitor. With such low power requirements lends itself...

In the records.txt student information is stored in a text file (no more than the number of students n, can be regarded as #define n 60), including the student ID, name, height, three data items (data items are separated by character 't', names may contai

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #define N 60 struct STUDENTS { int id; char name[9]; double height; }; char *fgetline(FILE *fp, char *str, int n, char delim); int getRecs(char *filename, struct STUDENTS *s, int n); void Sort(struct S...

Lcd1602, a simple LCD display program

Lcd1602, a simple LCD display program, I used the 51 single-chip computer, download the program on a single chip, after success on, the LCD will automatically display the set well in advance of the content to display, to be set up to display the content, just change the output to output programming...

12864 display key values

The program is using a 12864 LCD display 4*4 matrix keyboard keys, keyboard keys value pecked lines scan scan button. Key returns the MCU, and 12864 LCD character display displays...

DIS51, a very good MSC51 compiling source code

Dis51 is a simple 8051 disassembler for Unix-like systems. It may even compile under Microsoft Windows, but that has never been tested. It takes an object file in Intel Hex format as input, and outputs an assembly language file....

Bluetooth hc 05 code

AT+ROLE=0 ----Set the module to be salve mode. The default mode is salve. AT+ROLE=1 ----Set the module to be master mode. Set memory command: AT+CMODE=1 Set the module to make pair with the other random Bluetooth module (Not specified address). The default is this mode. AT+CMODE=1 Set the mod...

LPC2000 start code Start.s a brief analysis

LPC2000 startup code Start.s file a brief analysis  Let me talk about the start position code, boot code is in power on the board after the first execution.  So have to use assembler to write down.  To complete processor mode initialization, set the interrupt vector ta...


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