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SINA integration

SINA integration can be easily integrated in your website Sina stock quotes, real-time view of stock prices....

Shop online bookstore

Based online textbook store mvc mode, be written by jsp.With JAVA + JSP + Struts2 + Hibernate done online store, do a more comprehensive, user module, commodity browsing ... cart module, order module, of course, management background, including administrators management, user management, order manag...

Node blog source code

WordPress using node, which has the essential elements of a blog. Architecture in conjunction with REDIS and mongoDb, REDIS cache hot pages, improve system responsiveness, mongoDb way of storage structures, making it natural for data storage node, this 2 fit together perfectly....

Fault Node Recovery Algorithm for a Wireless Sensor Network

RECENT advances in micro processing, wireless and battery technology, and smart sensors have enhanced data processing , wireless communication, and detection capability. In sensor networks, each sensor node has limited wireless computational power to process and transfer the li...

Static pages made with ExtJS OA system. Static pages made with ExtJS OA system.

Static pages made with ExtJS OA system. Static pages made with ExtJS OA systems. in order to practice the ExtJS made a simple page, the function is very simple, wish I could help you. Everybody progresses together is my pursuit....

Research projects Web site static Web pages

The main HTML page using Dreamweaver to write, is a computer science research project website, js,CSS style is used, the layout is simple, beautiful, and realizing research projects change the deletion of details of the search, mentor, and other functions...

JS generated two-dimensional code

Application backgroundTwo dimensional code used more popular, more and more convenient to use. Generating two-dimensional code becomes very important. This chapter describes how to generate a code for a two dimensional codeKey TechnologyUse JS generate two-dimensional code, do not configure the serv...

HTML5 version of the donkey jump game

Application backgroundThis is a written by the author for more than two months time based on HTML5, CSS3, canvas of webpage game, although very simple, but although the sparrow is small, the five internal organs taste. By learning the demo, we can quickly grasp the development of HTML5 game, the wor...

HTML5 Chinese chess

Application backgroundDuring the University of artificial intelligence, I would like to write a Chinese chess game, but the code is written in half to give up, now lying in their own mobile hard disk. This is a Chinese chess game based on HTML5 technology, not only can choose the game of Chinese che...

Mobile APP development sample

Application is the development of a project for the mobile terminal Android sample, the use of eclipse development environment!...

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