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G726 decoder - asm.js

These routines comprise an implementation of the CCITT G.726 16 Kbps  ADPCM coding algorithm.  Essentially, this implementation is identical to  the bit level description except for a few deviations which take advantage of workstation attributes, such as hardware 2's co...

Easy language to use JS to do RSA authentication

Easy language routines source QQ register RSA algorithms, create ScriptControl object implements QQ register in the RSA algorithm. Easy language routines source code belonging to advanced easy language tutorial....

maze generation and search algorithm, some good algorithm, we share

maze generation and search algorithm, some good algorithm, we share...


Realize the popular progressive online advertising rolling, that is, a certain number of seconds a rolling line, and non-linear scroll. Improvement can be made by the text of the scroll line by line scrolling picture, each line can have a number of articles...

Save images base64.js

Base64 is based on 64 printable characters to represent binary data representation. Because 2 of the 6 power equals 64, each 6-bit as a unit, corresponds to a printable character. Three bytes are 24 bits, corresponding to 4 Base64 module, or 3 bytes you need 4 printable characters. It can be used as...

Snake with head

A snake js implementation of AI, the basic idea: use to feed a snake impersonation, if after eating food (shortest path breadth-first search) snake in a safe state, let the real snakes to eat if not safe, then go with the Snake's tail (longest path breadth-first search), no step needs to be carried...

Voronoi Diagram

implementation of voronoi diagram in javascript, it is used to draw a voronoi diagram on a map to distribute ATM in a specific region; each point in a cell represent a machine....

The iterative method for calculating the one element nonlinear equation

Application backgroundIn the calculation of linear equations. The selection of the construction and the initial conditions of the iterative scheme is considered.. Convergence. Termination condition and error analysis. The fixed point of the equivalent equation is need to establish the iteration func...


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