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Static pages made with ExtJS OA system. Static pages made with ExtJS OA system.

Static pages made with ExtJS OA system. Static pages made with ExtJS OA systems. in order to practice the ExtJS made a simple page, the function is very simple, wish I could help you. Everybody progresses together is my pursuit....

Web cloud desktop framework

Use jquery to implement simple web desktop framework, lightweight web ui project so quickly dive into each development environment.No development of language restrictions.Basically rewrite all the code optimization. Module is structured, better experience. 1. Support multi-user rights management (Us...

Extjs2.0 the skin switch source

This demo is based on demo extjs2.0 skin switching, supported 13 switching function of the skin, clear thinking, comment more clear, helps developers to explore new ideas....

JQuery portal component (Portlets) drag and drop

Application backgroundA jQuery portal component (Portlets) drag and drop. Style simple, practical.Key TechnologyThe code uses the jQuery Portlets extension of the drag. The page is clear, suitable for beginners to learn....

ASP's online shopping system

Application backgroundOnline bookstore system can realize people's desire to visit the bookstore and buy books. The main function of the system is to help people in the physical bookstore to expand the market and increase visibility. Basic features include user registration, login, book display, boo...

City switch

Application backgroundCity to switch the source code, two things are on holiday sales my holiday; the fast counter weight loss from Buddha block kill Buddha immediately leave each other immediately let opening type independent development leave excuse accounting entries mad happiness at that time in...

基于javascript的Mac Dock栏样式

A Mac OS X like 3D Icon Dock for use a navigation on your website. Fully functional without JavaScript. Reflections are included for browsers that support it (Safari/Chrome). 3D effect on dock which is easily themable and supports as many icons as you can fit on your screen. Compatible with all comm...

Jquery source code

JQuery source code, if you want, you can play well, I hope to help you, jQuery source code, or want to learn good basic JavaScript syntax, or go directly to the analysis, the more difficult...

Smooth zoom jQuery image transition effects

Smooth zoom jQuery image transition effects, you can page around...

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