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Static pages made with ExtJS OA system. Static pages made with ExtJS OA system.

Static pages made with ExtJS OA system. Static pages made with ExtJS OA systems. in order to practice the ExtJS made a simple page, the function is very simple, wish I could help you. Everybody progresses together is my pursuit....

Extjs2.0 the skin switch source

This demo is based on demo extjs2.0 skin switching, supported 13 switching function of the skin, clear thinking, comment more clear, helps developers to explore new ideas....

Web cloud desktop framework

Use jquery to implement simple web desktop framework, lightweight web ui project so quickly dive into each development environment.No development of language restrictions.Basically rewrite all the code optimization. Module is structured, better experience. 1. Support multi-user rights management (Us...

JQuery portal component (Portlets) drag and drop

Application backgroundA jQuery portal component (Portlets) drag and drop. Style simple, practical.Key TechnologyThe code uses the jQuery Portlets extension of the drag. The page is clear, suitable for beginners to learn....

ASP's online shopping system

Application backgroundOnline bookstore system can realize people's desire to visit the bookstore and buy books. The main function of the system is to help people in the physical bookstore to expand the market and increase visibility. Basic features include user registration, login, book display, boo...

Canvas HTML5

Application backgroundMu class online to provide the operation of the canvas sample, you can achieve the picture in the front of the relevant operation, the front development is very helpful, I hope to give you some help.Mu class online to provide the operation of the canvas sample, you can achieve...

CBN compound selection jQuery

Recruitment search interface similar to the front end code cascade filter posts cascade filter jQuery implementation...

Jquery drop down box (Select) plug-in

Set include_group_label_in_selected to true and Chosen will include the Group label (if it exists) in the selected option text. See #1610 for more info....

JS drag the map zoom

JS drag the map zoomFunction initDrag (E) {Var oDragHandle event.srcElement = Nn6?;Isdrag = true;X e.clientX: event.clientX = Nn6?;Y e.clientY: event.clientY = Nn6?;St = vv.scrollTop;SL = vv.scrollLeft;Document.onmousemove = moveMouse;Return false;}Pp.onmousedown=initDrag;Pp.onmouseup=new...

EasyUI source code

Application backgroundIs a group of UI based jQuery plugin collection, and EasyUI jQuery goal is to help web developers more easily create a feature rich and beautiful UI interfaceKey TechnologyEasyUI is a collection of user interface plug-in based on jQuery.EasyUI provides the necessary functionali...

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